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Buy Up All the Gold

HHR February 8, 2016 Analysis/Insights, Archives Comments Off on Buy Up All the Gold
Buy Up All the Gold

Namaste to all readers,

As you have read in my introduction article, I am not very much a part of mainstream society in America, which is very involved with the latest toys, sports, TV, etc.  I see how lacking dharma and mokṣa is in western civilization, dropped in favor of artha and kāma to the extreme.  It is my view that western civilization is out of control, because out of ignorance, it is searching for dharma and mokṣa, but it is looking in the wrong place, creating a feedback loop that keeps expanding.  Its Abrahamic tradition is not helping matters, either.

Western civilization is set up such that the four goals in life of a person (as is viewed from a Hindu perspective) is not pursued equally over the course of a person’s life.  What are these goals?  They are 1) dharma; 2) artha; 3) kāma; and 4) mokṣa.  Dharma is “right thinking, right action” in a cultural context, which depends on where you are and your family circumstances. Artha means security, economically-speaking, and having needs met, etc.  Kāma is enjoyment of life (not just sex as most westerners think when they see or hear the words “Kāma Sūtra,” but enjoyment of arts, music, relationships with family, friends, and your spouse, religious festivals, etc.).  Mokṣa is the fourth and final goal in Hinduism.  It means liberation from the cycle of birth and death, or saṃsāra.

Continuing on, this means that Western civilization pursues these goals very unequally.  Typically the life of an average Westerner is like this:

They grow up in public school, learning the three Rs, and they may go to church. They go to college to learn a profession or calling. They go into the work world for various reasons.  Typically, one has to make a living, so they tend to pick one they are good at, even if they’re not happy with it (very typical in office jobs and retail jobs, which is what the majority of jobs seem to be in this country).

They want to make as much money as they can for what they do because it isn’t exactly what they want to do, but they have to get money coming in.  And because they may hate their jobs and don’t get much vacation time relative to other Anglo-Saxon countries, they seek pleasure and thrill-seeking, and this becomes extreme over time until it finally blows up in their face or they have a melt down at work.  The latter almost happened to me, so I had to leave before I burned bridges behind me nearly three years ago.

This Western civilization is the most powerful, materially-speaking, and it leads the world, which is a very dangerous position for someone who is not responsible  on a supramental level.  For one thing, Western civilizations are “grabbing,” selfish ones.  I mean, think about it.  Who has most of the wealth today?  How much does the rest of us have?  What is our position relative to animals and nature?  Dharmic civilizations tended to be inclusive and generous ones, such that everyone had a place within society, because the mindset of a Dharmi (person who lives within a dharmic civilization like India, Nepal, Himalayas, etc.) is very different.

For the most part, because of the giving nature of the Dharmic culture in a provident natural environment as opposed to the hostile environment of the desert regions, where Western civilization got part of its start, people are giving of one another, people know how to conserve resources, such that people feel secure and rarely run into shortages of anything, and have mastered the ability to live as civilized beings while living within nature in a sustainable way, a fine balance to maintain that western civilization has not managed to master to this day.  Please note that I’m recalling Dharmic civilization at its height or Golden Age before the Mughal invaders showed up.  Please read the following as a tool to help bring back dharma to this world.

Given my unique position as an “other” person within my own country, I’m able to stretch myself out into directions that most people would never go.  I did underground financial research for many years, and I still do a limited amount of reading to that end 5 years later.

One of the things that make western institutions powerful, and that is money, grants, scholarships, fellowships, all the sources that make the power of Western institutions manifest as Western Indology.  Without the US Dollar’s hegemony, these institutions don’t go anywhere, no?  To give you an idea of what I’m hinting at, I first stumbled across a series of VERY IMPORTANT articles about India’s culture around nine years ago, and I had a brief discussion with the author of these articles.

Indias love of Gold Part 1
Indias Love of Gold Part 2
Indias Love of Gold Part 3

The point of these articles is to clue you into a POTENT weapon that you have as a person of Indic ancestry.  The fact is, Western society does not use, or even believe in gold and silver as money, only the Western people clearly NOT in positions of power (militia people, gold bugs, End-Times preppers, etc.), and that is a very tiny minority, especially in the US.  The fact is, according to two documents, namely, 1) a government report that shows clearly the export tonnage of gold from the US starting in the very early 90s and 2) another report that shows MINING tonnage of gold produced and refined in the US during those given years.  This adds up to a supply deficit of around 5,500 TONS of gold in the last 20+ years.  Here, you just have to ask, “Where did the gold come from, if not from the mines?”  The US government has to have some gold somewhere, right?  Well, the official gold reserves of the US has been held at around 8,300 tons.  Don’t forget that we have held gold for other countries for “safe keeping” in light of World War II.

What the above paragraph is saying is that while you have over 20,000 TONS of gold in your private hands, America in general has very little.  The gold on Americans at best is 18-carat gold, the softest they are willing to buy, but more commonly, 14-carat gold is worn for durability.  It is viewed strictly as adornment and not as a source of money.

Now, what we here are observing is a shift in wealth from the West to the East, and India is one of the beneficiaries (the gold import duties haven’t helped all that much with the gold smuggling, has it?), alongside China, Russia, and other countries with a cultural affinity for gold (Russia – mainly their Central Bank realizes what’s going on and want to get their gold before the scramble for it goes global). 

If you can communicate this with your friends and people on the streets and realize the opportunity of turning the tables on Western powers economically, then one of the first things to fall would be education, and you would be able to blunt the reach of the Western scholars, ESPECIALLY Wendy’s Children. 

Get everyone to buy up all the gold they can afford, especially out of the COMEX futures market so that there is NO MORE gold available to be traded on the futures market, and the Financial Mob of the Western world can no longer be involved in it.  I see the influence of Sound Money of gold cultures from outside the US nearly every time I go into a motel or a hotel around the USA; most likely, the people owning/running them are of Eastern heritage.  All the while that Americans are pawning their family jewelry at “We Buy Gold” shops after seeing employees holding such signs up and down the streets for such shops, because they have to make ends meet, Indians and Chinese are buying up the gold hand-over-fist, because they are trying to get rid of the paper money, which loses value over time.

Now, you might be asking, “Why in the world would I, a white person, want to put my own civilization at a disadvantage by revealing such strategic information???”  Simply because my government is completely out of control.  I did not vote for ANY of the people who came to power in the Executive and Legislative branches of our government since 2000, just before I started waking up and realized what was going on. 

Thusly, the financial behaviors of our government since 2000, I did not authorize.  If you are able to get the world to bring the US government to its knees financially, then maybe we can start to do something about its imperial behaviors around the world (which I do NOT approve of and did not authorize with my vote), and that includes the destruction of the culture, the way of life of your people.  I do not want to see Dharmic society to go away.  Already, it has opened my eyes into alternate ways of seeing things and into languages (Hindi and Sanskrit) that are very different from Western languages.

Please feed the rumbling and hungry white elephant standing in the room.  Feed her, and Saṃskṛti will return to Earth.

Stephanie Ellison



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