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Caste Politics in UK and India

HHR January 22, 2014 HHR Videos Comments Off on Caste Politics in UK and India
Caste Politics in UK and India

Britain has recently begun the process of outlawing discrimination based on caste. This follows intense pressure from various pressure groups, notably Castewatch, Dalit Solidarity Network, Dalit Freedom Network and Anti-Caste Discrimination Alliance. Now while these groups cannot control their larynx’s when invited onto Brit Asia TV when it comes to dialogue with the very Hindus they blame for causing caste discrimination in Britain they are strangely silent. Why is this? Is their real agenda to end caste discrimination?

Or is it something more sinister? From behaviour patterns and their effective avoidance of actual tackling the root causes of caste discrimination these groups find it much easier to stir up hatred against Hindus and in doing so take this anti-Hindu hatred mainstream as they lobby the European Union and finally United Nations under the pretext of outlawing caste discrimination.

The reality is of course very different. India has moved on and as it modernises these issues of specific caste discrimination will become less relevant, even while those of class, socio-economic disparity and poverty remain. But that is not intrinsic, unique or even traceable to caste. Hindu communities globally have similarly changes their ideas and practices. Yet all this is lost on the anti-caste groups which under the guise of ‘equality’ preach a virulent form of anti-Hindu hate and use outdated racist ideas of an Aryan race to bolster their nefarious claims. In this short piece, Dr Koenraad Elst mentions the evolution of caste in India and how it came about. It is a refreshing contrast to the stagnant racist conspiracy theories propounded by groups behind the present push for eliminating caste in the name of equality.

A discussion between Dr Koenraad Elst with Rajesh from HHR



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