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God Helps those Who Helps Themselves

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God Helps those Who Helps Themselves

A devotee of Hanuman was once driving a cartload of grain to the market. On the way, one wheel got stuck and the cart could not be drawn forward. The cart slanted too, and a few bags fell on the ground. The devotee sat on the cart and started praying to Hanuman. He completed chanting the 108 names and even the 1008 names. When nothing happened, he started blaming the Lord and reviling Him for not rescuing him. Hanuman then appeared and took him to task!

“Young man, instead of doing your duty by applying your strength on the job, you sat there, prayed and started reviling Me!”  Come on, put your shoulder to the wheel and lift it up chanting My name! First contribute self-effort,”

said the Lord. You must use all the talents awarded to you in a prayerful and humble mood. Until then, you have no right to seek the help and intervention of the Lord.

Sri Sathya Sai Baba



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