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Maoists eradicating Sanskrit from Nepal

Rajesh Patel May 23, 2011 Nepal Comments Off on Maoists eradicating Sanskrit from Nepal
Maoists eradicating Sanskrit from Nepal

Banning Sanskrit education in common schools from private schools in the valley to the remote public school they have officially bought an halt to Sanskrit teaching. From the start of their uprising they have used the threats of bloodshed in event of defiance as their prime weapon against  traditional language. The example of Sunsari’s Rādhākṛṣṇa saṃskṛta veda vidyāśrama as reported in the paper one in many Sanskrit school that was forced to halt its Sanskrit education operation.  Among other immoral acts, burning down Sanskrit educational institute – the then Mahendra Sanskrit University along with it burning more than thousands of important books, Maoist have had already shown their rogue attitudes towards Sanskrit. Continued seizure of land owned by Sanskrit University  etc is nothing new for anything related to Sanskrit. Their reason for all these obstructions is simple,  you cannot teach Sanskrit and Hinduism in a secular nation. This definition of secularity is their justification for the immoral acts.
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