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Modi: The Unlikely Saviour of Liberal Narrative

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Modi: The Unlikely Saviour of Liberal Narrative

#NotInMyName campaign, launched by Indian media and intelligentsia to protest against the alleged attacks on Muslims, has finally been validated by PM Modi in his speech during the celebration of 150th birth anniversary of Shrimad Rajchandraji, who was guru to Mahatama Gandhi. Modi condemned the violence perpetrated by Hindus on the name of cow protection, with invoking the ideals of Gandhi to show how utterly long it is.

He also encouraged people to build the nation which will be in accordance with the dreams of Gandhi. Although it sounds like cliche which has been repeated for numerous times, the dream of Gandhi remains arbitrarily defined to base any policy on this. A person may wonder that what prompted Modi to validate the narrative created by media which has been after him since 2002. Is it due to the personal conviction of Modi or he is just conceding his ground under pressure?

Image result for respect to hindu cowsOn August 7, 2016, Modi had come down heavily on cow vigilantes when he labelled 60-70% of cow vigilantes as fake who only worsen the law and order situation. This comment of Mr Modi was in the context of Dalits getting beaten up in Una, Gujarat. However, it was found out that 2 out of 4 accused were Muslims which makes the case highly suspicious, yet Modi had made the above statement. 

Modi has repeated almost the same thing today in different words but general attitude remains same. The central question in this context is the motive and intent which drives Mr Modi to make such comments on specific issue. If we trace down the response of Modi towards the major manufactured campaign carried out by media after 2014 then Modi has validated their concerns despite all the contradicting evidence.

When the issue of intolerance gained prominence in 2015 after the murder of Muhammad Akhlaq, Modi went on condemning it while ignoring the fact that the jury was still out that whether Akhlaq had stolen the cattle and killed, and the aftermath events were only the repercussions of his act. One may be tempted to give a benefit of doubt to Modi as it might be a general concern of a PM towards the state of nation.

Had it been the case, we would have observed that Modi follows the same precedence in other unfortunate events too. Kamlesh Tiwari, who made certain statements about Prophet Muhammad, well within in his fundamental rights, was booked under National Security Act by UP government.

Muslims launched violent protests against Kamlesh Tiwari in many cities of India viz Malda in West Bengal, Purnea in Bihar, Muzaffarnagar in UP and Tonk in Madhya Pradesh. The protest in Malda was extremely violent in which multiple vehicles of BSF torched, houses of Hindus burnt, and shops ransacked. Apparently, our PM didn’t condemn such violent protest nor defended the freedom of expression of one of nation’s citizens. 

In another manufactured issue after the suicide of Rohith Vemula who was a student of Hyderabad University, media presented it as a student from Dalit community committed suicide due to the Brahminical hegemony persisting in Indian institutions. As usual, investigation showed that Rohith Vemula wasn’t a Dalit. Our PM was quick to mourn over the loss of nation’s son. Doesn’t the question arise that why doesn’t Modi mourn everyday as multiple students commit suicide everyday?

Evidently, all suicides are equal but some suicides are more equal than others. Which ones will be more equal than others will be determined by Indian media and intelligentsia. In current context, some lynching are more equal than others. A lynching in which victim is Muslim, necessarily demands more attention.

The murder of teenager Junaid which was suffice to jolt the conscience of our PM along with the media, was simply a brawl over seat in a train which took nasty turn. Such brazen disregard for law and order can’t be tolerated but the incidence was given an unnecessary communal turn by linking his murder with cow by media houses. Even father of the victim denies any such communal angle. Hurling slurs during a fight can’t be attributed as cause of the fight as someone can throw religious slurs during a fight without the religion of victim having any importance.

 Indian media and intelligentsia gathered yesterday across multiple locations to protest this incident by linking it with victimhood of Muslims. Any Muslim claiming such victimhood in India is the epitome of predator masquerading as prey as their record from Kashmir to Kairana tells a completely different story. 

Other incidents in which people are killed by cow vigilantes must be seen in the larger context of eternal tussle between cattle smugglers and farmers in which people from both the sides face the wrath of each other. Multiple cops have been killed by cattle smugglers in last few years which should be sufficient to give the clue that everyone killed by cow vigilantes isn’t innocent. 

Why Modi succumbs to the narrative of left liberal is a difficult question to answer but it appears as if Modi doesn’t have the tenacity to take the media and intelligentsia head on despite being the victim of same ecosystem for last 15 years. Another reason is his commitment to Gandhian ideals inhibit him from assessing the reality without any perceived notions. A consistent desire for getting the approval from media by listening to their concern is possible reason among others too.

However, any such attempt isn’t going to successful because the ecosystem is relentless for pushing its narrative and every instance Modi pays attention to them, he is giving a moral victory to them. The biggest loser in this game is Hindus who suffer the hostility of Islamic imperialism from one aide while the contempt of elites towards everything remotely Hindu on other side. Modi should know when to speak and when to let it go as strategic silence is more powerful than words.

Satish Kumar



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