Tuesday 06th December 2016,
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My Road to Hinduism by Vincent Bruno

My Road to Hinduism by Vincent Bruno

While In ‘secular ‘ India Hinduism is often portrayed as being backward, irrational , anti woman and is ridiculed as an obstacle standing in the way of progress. Where the ‘progressive’ West is shown to be the standard template to copy and follow. But meanwhile in the real West Hinduism is on the rapid rise. So why would rational, liberated and progressive Westerners (especially many women ) from all backgrounds in Western society from the world of science, art and creativity, fashion ,business , industry, and even military and so on find peace and satisfaction initiating into Hinduism and proudly say they are Hindus ?

New York based student  (Vishnu) Vincent Bruno explains why on his own road to Hinduism.

My Road to Hinduism 1

My Road To Hinduism 2: Ganesh Puja

My Road to Hinduism 3: Final Word – Hindus



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