Monday 22nd January 2018,
Hindu Human Rights Online News Magazine



Hindu Human Rights Group (HHR) was formed to highlight persecution,
oppression and marginalisation of Hindus. To that aim the HHR online
magazine publishes articles from various contributors to help
enlighten the general viewpoint on Hindu issues. HHR does not
necessarily agree with all that is written and not all the articles
should be taken as being official HHR viewpoint. The broad spread is
part of HHR’s work towards global and cultural understanding between
peoples, nations and communities. Above all it is to deepen and
provide resources for spirituality above and beyond mere dogmas,
religious and secular, which enforce slavish behaviour patterns in
making humanity into a dystopian mass of mindless automata. It is for that
reason that HHR is determined in its resolve to counter and correct
any misinformation spread about it by using the intellectual force
with which we as human beings have all been imbibed with. Free
enquiry, exploration and gathering of knowledge has always been the
best disinfectant to censorship and totalitarianism which anti-human
dogmas seek to enforce.


Thanks HHR