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Brexit : Why is the EU Collapsing but ‘Hindu’ India Remains Intact?

Brexit : Why is the EU Collapsing but ‘Hindu’ India Remains Intact?

From its independence in 1947 it was predicted by many in the west that India would collapse. The pro-Pakistan policies of UK, France, USA and many others as well as the sympathy shown by them to secessionist movements, most notably in Punjab, Kashmir and Nagaland, the belief that India is heading to civil war due [...]

July 12, 2016 Ranbir Singh Analysis/Insights, Archives, World Focus 52

Why Western Women Embrace Hinduism ? Part 1

Why Western Women Embrace Hinduism ?  Part 1

Since time immemorial there have been strong and influential Western women who have been drawn to and been inspired by Hinduism, and who have taken up the mantle of Hindu Dharma, becoming great leaders, swaminis, and gurus as keepers and vanguards of this ancient culture. Today one can witness thousands of Western women turning vegetarian, [...]

March 7, 2015 HHR Spirituality/Culture 1

Ram Swarup,Hindus and Neo-Paganism

Ram Swarup,Hindus and Neo-Paganism

The late Ram Swarup (1920-98), definitely the most important Hindu philosopher of independent India’s first half-century, liked to point out that other cultures had traditions similar to Hinduism before Christianity or Islam wiped them out. As he put it in his path‑breaking study of polytheism, The Word as Revelation (1980): “There was a time when [...]

May 2, 2012 Dr Koenraad Elst Indigenous/Pagan Voice Comments Off on Ram Swarup,Hindus and Neo-Paganism