Friday 19th July 2024,
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Video :  Oil Protestors Damage Ancient Stonehenge

Two Just Stop Oil activists have been arrested after spraying Stonehenge’s stone circle, near Salisbury, with an orange substance at around 11 am on Wednesday on the eve of the summer solstice which is a spiritual pagan event that all pagans including Hindus respect.

It’s the typical narc behavior of ‘Look at Me, I’m So Rebellious’ where they attacked Stonehenge a symbol of Britain’s ancient pagan past which we Hindus also have a reverence for and with respect for the Druids who often do the rituals there.  HHR members in the past have spent time  doing Hindu spiritual mantras there as well.

It shows these fake eco-defenders have no clue that pagans generally revere Mother Earth. One of the two attackers was a Modi lookalike ‘Rajan Naidu’ wearing ‘saffron’ stained T- shirt while the other attacker a Harry Potter lookalike was Niamh Lynch ‘mob’ who in reality are doing a good job for the oil companies for turning everyone against the environmentalist movement to protect Bhumi Devi – Mother Earth.


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