Friday 19th July 2024,
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Video : Far Right Islamists Protest Against Hindu Businesses In Chicago

Video : Far Right Islamists Protest Against Hindu Businesses In Chicago

After getting a nice booster from white supremacists from the left and far right to attack Jews, it was only a matter of time before those dreaded kafir, heathen Hindus were next on target.

These far-right Muslims are protesting in Chicago, USA, not to buy groceries from Hindu stores which is run by Patels, because ‘they are funding to RSS’ the oversized colonial khaki shorts wearing clown outfit whose leader Mohan Bhagwat recently justified eating beef for social harmony.

But overall these protests have nothing to do with the RSS or ‘Hindutva’ but these are the classic witch hunt trials where these religious fascists are policing what a Hindu can do or not with the full backing of left-wing white racist filth who will ‘white’ wash their crimes like they are doing over Jew victims. The only repeat message to Hindus is to come out in your 100s of thousands and protest against the rise of Hinduphobia like Hinduism encourages.


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