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Video – US: Georgia Passes A Official Resolution Condemning ‘Hinduphobia’

Video – US: Georgia Passes A Official Resolution Condemning ‘Hinduphobia’

Georgia has passed a resolution condemning ‘Hinduphobia’ – or fear of the Hindu minority community in the US. This makes it the first US state to take an official stand against anti-Hindu bigotry in the region. Calling Hinduism one of the world’s largest and oldest religions with over 1.2 billion followers across 100 countries, the resolution further acknowledged the american Hindu community’s contribution to diverse sectors, such as medicine, science, spirituality and information technology among others.


Times Now Breaking News: The Georgia Assembly in the United States recently passed a resolution condemning Hinduphobia, making it the first state in the US to do so. ​Stating that there have been documented instances of hate crimes against Hindu-Americans over the last few decades in many parts of the country, the resolution said Hinduphobia is exacerbated and institutionalised by some in academia who support the dismantling of Hinduism and accuse its sacred texts and cultural practices of violence and oppression. ‘The entire world knows that Sanatan is the oldest religion. All religions invariably suffer from Hinduphobia,’ says Col RSN Singh. Watch to know more! #breakingnews #timesnowbreaking #hinduphobia #worldnews #world #englishnews #georgia #hinduhate Times Network takes the lead with its ground-breaking innovation and disruption of a new content category. The Times Network channels, which have a global footprint in 100 countries, inform, entertain, and engage viewers of all ages with fascinating and intriguing content, news, and information.

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