Tuesday 16th April 2024,
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Video : ‘ Hinduphobia is a Crime’ Protest at the Guardian Newspaper HQ, London

On 3 October 2021, Hindu Human Rights staged a protest outside that mouthpiece of liberal opinion, the Guardian. Liked by all the progressive types and well-meaning but misguided utopianists who think they can remould the world, this hate propaganda machine spews some of the vilest Hinduphobia in existence. In the past, such newspapers would have used openly racist and derogatory language.

After all, it must be remembered that the Guardian was founded on the profits of slavery, backed the exploitative factory owners in uninhibited Victorian capitalism, and supported the slave-owning and white supremacist Confederacy in the American Civil War. Now positioning itself in a position to oppose such things, the Guardian nevertheless reveals its true fangs given a chance.

Any search on its pages for the subject ‘Hindu’ will reveal some of the most poisonous toxic brainwashing since Lord Rothermere of the Daily Mail backed the British Union of Fascists and the Third Reich. Instead of using the normal racist language, the Guardian lambasts anything Hindu as fascist, Taliban, fundamentalist, nationalist’ right-wing and ‘Hindutva’ extremist. The fact that it can offer no foundation to these claims does not matter as any contrary opinion is rigorously excluded from its pages as inconvenient facts. Any complaint is ignored, given dismissive treatment, and tossed aside. Hence the protest.

To make the wider public aware that this newspaper spews hate against Hindus, camouflaging it as ‘progress’. The same newspaper which looks down upon the white working-class masses of Britain as ignorant Brexit voting chavs can hardly be expected to show much remorse or objectivity when its own racism and prejudice are exposed.

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