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Video : Native Americans Call Out Barbie White Feminist Racism

Video : Native Americans Call Out Barbie White Feminist Racism

While white Feminists are already being called racists by brown-skinned feminists for not uniting with them to stand up against the mullah police in Iran and elsewhere, now native indigenous Americans have had enough.

In the ‘Aryan blond blue-eyed’ Barbie, the movie, women, aka Barbies, are in charge in Barbie Land while in the real world, the Kens aka men rule the real world through the patriarchy. In a scene, a comparison is made about how Barbies haven’t developed “immunity” to the patriarchy like “Native Americans didn’t to smallpox and measles brought in by the European colonialism resulting in 3 million dying between 1550 and 1850. 

This of course has raised anger and rightfully so among Native Americans calling out white feminists for being insensitive and racist for making cheap comparisons.

“Barbie’s comparison of patriarchy/women to smallpox & Indigenous ppl reeks of white feminism!” tweeted Emmy Scott, an Indigenous person. “This comparison not only erases Native women but comparing structural oppression to outright genocide cheapens both.”

As explained further.

Barbie Movie made a “joke” about smallpox, Continuing to add to the stigma and racism that is well alive towards indigenous and native people. there is no joke about the genocide that continues today.

Also, Frances Danger, an Indigenous writer, pointed out the film’s depiction of Mount Rushmore was replaced with Barbie heads  “desecrated Paha Sapa.”

Paha Sapa, also known as the Black Hills, is the South Dakota mountain that Mount Rushmore was carved into and is considered to be sacred land to Native peoples.

“When the only Native representation in your movie is a smallpox ‘joke’ and a Barbie Mt Rushmore that desecrates the Paha Sapa,” Danger tweeted. “Your movie is straight up Anti Indigenous.

Hindu Perspective

From a Hindu perspective, it’s not surprising as we saw the reports on India during covid and what most remember were the massive funeral pyres and dead bodies on the river Ganga being repeatedly shown on the media, especially by the so-called ‘left’, Progressive, ‘liberal media which proves that whitism always remains across the western mental spectrum even across those who claim to be fighting racism consciously as pointed out by University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) website saying,

River Ganga Image Report

“Unconscious biases are “social stereotypes about certain groups of people that individuals form outside their own conscious awareness”,   This type of bias is more common than conscious prejudice, and often conflicts with the holder’s conscious values. So someone may be consciously anti-racist but still have unconscious biases towards people of colour.”

And when it comes to Hindus then suddenly racism goes far deeper than the Titanic where even the ones exposing ‘Unconscious biases ‘ start claiming Hinduphobia is a made-up word by those Hindu pagan savages ooops we mean ‘Hindu nationalists ‘

This idea of indigenous people dying of or spreading diseases itself is rooted in colonial and imperialist racism which resurfaced in this movie even if it was used in comparison to the patriarchy but it is extremely insensitive and as Hindus, we fully sympathize with Native Americans.

The is a very serious problem with the so-called left-wing/progressive/liberal whites who truly believe and think they have become more enlightened than the Buddha in 80 seconds than he did over 80 years . But put a pagan Hindu wearing tilak in front of them, then suddenly they go totally lynch mob mode.

You can see in this picture how their colonial forefathers are fighting the blue death better known as cholera dressed up as an Indian with a turban.

And with Hindus, it continues even beyond the physical diseases where Yoga with Hinduism is a threat to the right-wing church as it opens the doors to demonic Hindu disease while the left-wing whites see any Hindu renaissance and political thought as a far right fascism disease to lure innocent victims into.


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