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Hindus, Learn To Walk The Talk Like Devang

Sometime back someone we know had asked a well-known US  Twitter Hindu influencer to do a public protest against some anti-Hindu issue but she refused saying she doesn’t do that type of stuff on the streets.

This is a reflection of a larger problem with many Hindus who think they are above it all because they are so important with their high job status to be seen on the streets. So unless they are floating above like Max floating in Stranger Things they will not do what basically all normal people do which is why others get in the news regularly while Hindus with their persecution never but often get blamed instead. And the Hindu orgs that scam them out of money just take pics around the Whitehouse and politicians to scam even more money out from Hindus.

And let’s not forget that some from the American Hindu community who may speak out against ‘white’ privilege are living and working in white privilege circles in gated communities among the well-off and rich with neighbors like devout Marxist and ex-BLM leader Patrisse Cullors or ex KKK leader like David Puke oops Duke.

It’s only the Hindu community that you see day and night bragging about how rich and high-status they are while other communities who are even more above status hardly don’t. The Hindu mindset suffers from the Butler Syndrome where they think they are on top of the social status forgetting they are really the butler who may be on top of a hierarchy but its of servants which is why they can’t work out why the rise of Hinduphobia yet when in their minds they think big status means red carpets being laid out for them even while going to the local chai pakora cafe.

 Ironically all this status bragging is Ego bragging which itself goes against Hindu teachings with so many examples of our religious epics exposing this behavior as Adharmic as we saw happening to spelling bee champion, Harvard-educated Ravana CEO of Sri Lankan multi-head coconuts.

This is why it’s so easy for the anti-Hindus to act as the disadvantaged group who are being persecuted by these upper ‘caste’ Brahminical’ rich establishment elite. Even though in reality the “Brahminical” elite are from all different ‘castes’.

And often the kids of the status-bragging Hindus wanting to be politically trendy and ‘dope’ act rebellious against the ‘establishment’ conformity that their Hindu mummy and daddy brag about and bow down to which is why they turn anti-Hindu doing Holi against Hindutva events.

Don’t get us wrong as nothing wrong to pursue your ambitions or being wealthy with a big status but it’s what you do with it where it matters.

And none of these well-to-do wealthy Hindu activists that we see doing Bollywood tear flooding on X formerly known as Twitter in all these years set up any professional think tanks or research institutions because maybe they have to focus on their shares and bitcoins or photos at the Whitehouse. If they had then these fake caste discrimination laws and the extreme Hinduphobia would have been nipped in the bud years ago.

And we can see presently how many are worrying about their kids about to go to university to end up being indoctrinated by the Hinduphobes but then if their kids weren’t brought up on such weak Hindu conformity and submissive identity in the first place they wouldn’t have to face these problems.

This weak pseudo-Hindu identity revolves around just learning a few mantras, disco dancing at the garba and Diwali while repeating how peaceful and tolerant they are like the cringe reply in response to the over Oppenheimer movie sex scene where Uday Mahurkar, an information commissioner, said ,

“the scene was a direct assault on religious beliefs of a billion ‘tolerant’ Hindus”. You have great admiration in India for your art of filmmaking. We believe that if you remove this scene and do the needful to win hearts of Hindus, it will go a long way to establish your credentials as a sensitized human being and gift you friendship of billions of nice people. “

Well, we are not sure if Chris Nolan wants a billion nice people friends though.

We often see this non-stop “peeze peeze don’t hurt us we are so tolerant and peaceful” which really means a peacefool . This is why all Hindu temples never raise the persecution of Hindus because they are ‘peacefool’. All smacks of an overdose of cowardice and nothing else.

When we first started over 20 years or so, we also had set up a few Hindu societies at universities, some of our group at Imperial University had set up a Hindu society there which attracted 100s of members and several from also the Indian ‘elite’ crowd from around the world sent my their wealthy mummies and daddies.

This is where we had first invited the late Dilip Lakhani who was unknown then to popularise his work and he then became well known around the Hindu student circuit in London.

We also had a professor from India give a talk on Veer Savarkar to a big crowd. He couldn’t believe that he would even be allowed to give a talk at such a prestigious ‘elite’ university which at that time he couldn’t do in India even in a paan hut let alone a university.  We reminded him this university is the same place where Madan Lal Dhingra had shot Sir Curzon Wyllie, and we ain’t the type to take Hinduphobia shit from anyone either unlike most Hindus who get trampled and on and bullied so be free to do your talk, which he proudly did to a packed lecture room.

While we were at City University we were allowed to have a book stall every Thursday as long as we kept our bookstall between the Sunni and Shia bookstalls like a buffer state as both didn’t get along and would often get into an argument. We agreed as we knew the Sita Ram Goel and Ram Swarup books we were selling would keep the peace deal between the two who oddly were very friendly with us Hindu peacekeeping troops.

Around that time we also had a Hindu American friend, Devang Vyas, from the US who had been part of the Hindu Student Council there. He was studying at Kings College and was a member of one of our Hindu societies there. He used to spend time with us discussing Hindu issues around London at student get-togethers at their apartments or at coffee bars or clubs or at our street protests.

We had also given him books by Sita Ram Goel, Ram Swarup, and others. He liked our style of being active not just at universities but also on the streets which brought in a lot of Hindus to join us.It gave the students a lot of confidence to assert their Hindu identity in the open than just being told to keep their heads low by mummy and daddy even when being mocked for being Hindu or just do a twitter rant .

But under our guidance, they actually found their true Hindu ‘confident’ identity especially when in our talks we often mentioned that don’t forget ‘Hindus are the largest group of indigenous people who survived through 800 years of the greatest warrior resistance in the world while all others ended up in the museum.

We often told them that once you understand the spiritual aspects of Hinduism then you realize it’s the foundation for having a strong mental balance, intellectual astuteness, and hard physical fitness for a full confident Hindu identity. Let’s not forget that Hindu push-ups and Hindu squats are not called Hindu by coincidence. On a side note, a Hindu parent expert advised us that instead of giving talks on Shivaji which are outdated we should be promoting the Hindu spelling bee champions. We told the expert that is so Ganga man ‘dope’  ….. nope..

Devang loved our public debates which were often attended by 100s of Hindu students and many had to stand outside as no seats were available. They also demanded weekly hanuman Chalisa so we had to book rooms at the university campus for that to keep the Hindu vibe going.

But Devang was a total genius himself when it came to global politics and he had even arranged a debate between the Indian, Chinese, and Pakistani ambassadors and other experts in London among other things he did here. So he was very clued up on how to go on the offensive. This is why we got on so well.

When he went back to the US, he started setting up a professional think tank with contacts across the political establishment and across all parties and other experts on global affairs to take on the anti-India/Hindu narratives but tragically, he died at the age of 30 in 2007 after suffering a cardiac arrest.

And that was over 16 years ago but even now the Hindu side still has no professional setups, especially with the increase of Hinduphobia that’s gone a millionfold since the time of his death.. Many of them truly believe being on X formerly known as Twitter is the chariot that Krishna and Arjuna were riding in.

Now to think of it, if just that one person like Devang could do so much, even without the full backing from the ‘we are so rich, we are so educated’ Hindus then imagine what they could do and still do when now at least there is an awakening among Hindus who want to take action and there are academics in the system like professor Vamsee Juluri and others who can lay down an educational foundation and framework to take on Hinduphobia in the mainstream and to help Hindu parents to give their kids the abilities on many levels to deal with the outside world, especially in universities and colleges.

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More On Devang From An Old Email

Devang’s passion for knowledge led him to pursue his BA in Indian History from Bhonsala Military College, Pune University, MaharashtraHis colleagues and teachers noted Devang to be a “well-disciplined and enthusiastic student.”  Devang made many friends while in Nasik. He was not only an earnest student but also took part in many extracurricular activities. When the Indian Parliament was attacked on December 11th 2001, Devang organized a route march of 1500 students to condemn the attack. He graduated with a BA in History and a Minor in Defence & Strategic Studies with first class in May 2002.

             Devang Vyas knew that this was just the first step in understanding world politics. To further his education he applied to King’s College in London and was admitted in September 2002.  While at Kings College he initiated various seminars, including one on ‘India’s Current Security Concerns’ whose panel consisted of international experts.  The seminar was attended by officials of various governments including both Indian and Pakistani, leading experts of the think-tank community, members of the press, faculty, and students.

He was later invited by both the Indian and Pakistani delegates for further discussions. He was also a recognized member of the International Institute of Strategic Studies, London, an internationally respected think-tank on security and foreign policy.   He graduated in September 2003 with an MA in War Studies. Devang wrote his thesis “Trilateral Nuclear Deterrence in Asia” under the guidance of Prof. Sir Lawrence Freedman – Professor of War Studies and Vice Principle (Research) – at Kings College – London.

             Devang returned to the United States and briefly rejoined his family (father, mother, sister, bother in law, and two nieces and a nephew) at their residence in New Jersey. In October 2003, Devang started his career as the Special Assistant to the Indian Ambassador-at-Large in New York City.  He conducted extensive research and drafted a number of reports and presentations on business, security and social issues related to India and the Indian Diaspora. 

  However, he desired to expand his horizons and knowledge in US security policies and law, and to work towards greater cooperation between US and India on various matters.  He applied to University of Denver’s Sturm College of Law for a Juris Doctorate (JD), and was admitted in September 2004.  At University of Denver, Devang was pivotal in starting a Hindu Students Council chapter consisting of all law students.  Furthermore, he became a member of APALSA (Asian Pacific American Law Association) as well as the International Law Society. 

He often organized events that educated students on India, her culture, political framework, security policies as well as the threat of terrorism on the Indian Subcontinent.  Everyone was simply awestricken by his depth and breadth of knowledge.

  Devang was eager to complete his law degree, to start working full time and support his parents after a long separation of 5 years. However, the Lord had other plans for him. On March 11, 2007, he passed away quietly in sleep after suffering cardiac arrest, and left this world a poorer place without his charismatic presence. 

His mortal remains were cremated on March 19th 2007, according to traditional Hindu rites at Franklin Memorial Park Mausoleum, in New Brunswick, NJ.




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