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Video : The Good, the Bad and the Brahmin ?

Director Sergio Leone, famous for several classic movies including spaghetti westerns like, For A few Dollars More, A Fistful Of Dollars, or The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, and others.

Even though being apolitical, his movies often revolved around powerful ‘evil capitalists’ villains oppressing poor workers with hired mercenaries and bandits.

In his movie, A Fistful Of Dollars also known as ‘Duck You Sucker’ based on the backdrop of the Mexican Revolution of the 1910s the opening scene starts with Juan a notorious bandit disguising himself as a helpless peasant infiltrating a luxury stagecoach, filled with the upper-class ‘caste’ elite including a church priest who all look down upon Juan who is playing it all innocent as we see close-up their mouths munching down food and drink like wild animals as they mock on the “degeneracy” of the low-class peasants or working class.  He’s made to watch sad-faced and questioned about being a degenerate savage while sitting on a wooden plank as he’s not allowed to sit on the empty luxurious chairs.

This very Western narrative of their own historical class oppression backed by the church is what they are outsourcing to blame on the Hindu ‘caste’ system rooted in evil Hinduism like we are seeing in the US through the academia and media where now the priest in the stagecoach is the Brahmin. And made even worse when Hindus go on boasting about how high status and rich they are in the US not knowing they are perceived as the elite passengers on the luxury stagecoach.

Now coming back to the movie. It’s soon revealed that Juan is a bandit, who is out to rob the passengers with a shoot-out robbery sequence followed by the rape scene of the woman passenger, and then after the remaining high-class passengers are all robbed and stripped to their bones are then made to sit in an open carriage to be dumped into a pigsty by Juan’s gang who are in hysterics laughing.

Now if we bring this to the present-day scenario, then Juan represents the fraudsters like the Dalit activists suddenly putting on an afro to scam BLM and then entering the luxury stagecoach full of the white racist elite from the left and right from the academia and media including ultra-right church representative Audery Trukshe along with Indian subservient gungadins and far-right Islamists.

But in this scenario, Dalit Juan is given the best seat in the coach as the circle of elite Hinduphobic passengers feed him by hand and massage his back while going into rants about those degenerate Hindu pagan savages and the need to destroy Hinduism.

Hindus need to start setting up professional academic think tanks and media represented by professionals to expose the extreme religious and racial hate against Hindus otherwise they are going to end up in the pigsty.

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