Monday 24th June 2024,
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Hinduphobic SB403 Racism Shuts Down Dalit Hindu Dad Who Dies Soon After
Dalit (>”low caste”<) Hindu Dad and Silicon Valley engineer Milind Makwana has allegedly become the first victim of the racist SB403 campaign pushed by state senator Aisha Wahab and her Hinduphobic White Supremacist pals in the California Democratic party. 
Milind is heard speaking in this video of a Cupertino city hall meeting in opposition to the SB403 bill and warning that it does NOT help people like him. He died soon afterwards after being told his children who he had brought with him to speak would not be allowed to speak. 
That is California racism! They say they are passing a law to help Dalits but won’t let a Dalit father have the opportunity to hear his children speak up in a democracy. The racist anti-Hindus who support SB 403 like Trushke and Wahab and their gunga din fake Dalit faces like equality labs should all be exposed as liars. 
When people who say they want to save Dalits from upper-caste Hindus are standing around laughing when actual Dalits are dying while trying to stop them everybody should wake up. 
And those useless cowardly Hindoo leaders who keep saying we are winning without putting up a fight should be thrown out too. (HHR has learned that elected Cupertino city leaders who promised to oppose SB403 betrayed Hindus at the last minute and these cowards should be shamed). 

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