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The Guardian On Savarkar Makes Another Hinduphobic Racist Blunder

The Guardian On Savarkar Makes Another Hinduphobic Racist Blunder
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Blond Aryan Race Nazi. Hitler Would be Pleased

Catherina Bray writes on 23 March 2024 in the Guardian, reviewing the biopic movie Swatantara Veer Savarkar, about the Indian freedom fighter and Hindu revolutionary.

As the person who coined the term Hindutva, this was hardly going to get a positive response from the Guardian. This newspaper, the bastion of the left-wing white elite and their neo-racist colonialism, goes overboard with its castigation. It claims that the movie plays hard and loose with the facts. Of course, that’s a bit rich coming from the same media outlet that kept quiet about its links to slavery and support for the Confederacy in the American Civil War.

Bray obviously hopes nobody will do their research. She makes the completely ridiculous claim that Savarkar was pro-Nazi and laments the film omitted this. In reality, he supported the Allies in the war.

It is just a lazy and prejudiced regurgitated view that if someone is not on the left in Indian politics, they must be on the ‘right’ and therefore support Nazism. The ‘right’ is a condemnatory term for anyone who does not accord to the Guardian’s left-white narrative.

For the Guardian, Savarkar’s life reads as a complete nightmare. He wanted Hindus to be assertive in the face of jihad attacks and Islamic imperialism. He supported the creation of Israel and after 1948 accorded full support for the Jewish state.

Judging how it is the left which is now infected with antisemitism this only adds fuel to the flames of existing Hinduphobia. For this reason alone it should be worth watching the movie. It overturns that racist and neo-colonialist worldview enforced by the Guardian onto an unsuspecting readership.

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