Tuesday 23rd July 2024,
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Video : Outside The Guardian HQ : The Hub of the Hinduphobic Virus

The Guardian. Britain’s leading newspaper, both online and in print. The mouth of liberal opinion. But that of course depends on who you are. For years HHR has been trying to dialogue with this behemoth with regards to its blatant one sided articles which promote Hinduphobia and inflame community tension. The result? The Guardian refused all contact and in fact notched things up further by spewing out more hate. So we decided to go outside.

Attracting menacing looks from within the glass structure the powers behind this House of Lies kept to its policy of diversity and inclusion by sending one its ethnic minority staff to remove us from the public footpath outside. The irony was not lost. Journalists risk their safety to report from undemocratic regimes where things can turn nasty at any moment.

This we can fully sympathize with as our street journalism was looked upon with the same disgust that totalitarian regimes view any dissent, the same manner in which sinister media moguls flaunt their muscles, power and influence with impunity. Undaunted, HHR reported from outside the Guardian so that truth will not be suppressed.

Use of the Term -Hindoo Fear- Hinduphobia now goes back even further than 1883 read more @  Use of the term ‘Hindoo Fear – Hinduphobia’ 1851-1997




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