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The Churchill Syndrome : The Beastly People (Hindus) With a Beastly (Hinduism) Religion

The Churchill Syndrome : The Beastly People (Hindus) With a Beastly (Hinduism) Religion

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Winston Churchill notoriously said: “I hate Indians. They are a beastly people with a beastly religion”. That religion was Hinduism. There have been calls by anti-fascists and anti-racists to have his statue demolished or removed because of his racist views. Yet these same so called anti-fascists would find much to agree with Churchill. It is from the pages of left-wing media outlets such as The Guardian, BBC and The Independent that we find Churchill’s views of Hindus revamped.

Far Right Islamists who have exterminated Hindus from Kashmir, with the backing of Pakistan, are hailed as freedom fighters. The genocide of Hindus is rarely mentioned, or opaque terms are used such as migrants.

Churchill, who acted as a midwife to Pakistan would wholeheartedly agree. Whenever any social problems occur in India, these outlets immediately see it as a Hindu issue at root. Yet much worse issues happen in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the focus is on any positives to try and halt the persecution of minorities (despite official discrimination against them being the law).

If any Hindu perspective seeks to challenge this, the same left-wing white elite who hate Churchill but update his racism, dismiss this as Hindu nationalism, Indian nationalists, Hindutva fascism, Hindu racism or other colourful terms. Indeed the same swearology is used by Churchill apologists on the neo-imperialist right. Indeed it is a bizarre situation where so many antagonistic forces unite around the Churchill whom they worship or detest, just to use his prejudicial views on Hindus.

The situation is not helped by established Hindu organisations who brag about how affluent and important the Hindu community is. Some might be, but many are mired in poverty and low wages. These include the family-run businesses of convenience stores and petrol stations that work all hours for scant rewards and often risk physical violence from criminals.

The cash in hand workers for sweatshops. The poor pensioners, disabled and homeless seemed to be erased out of view. Above all they forget the Gurkhas, recruited for generations from poverty-stricken areas of Nepal to fight in the British army. While their loyalty and bravery are recognised, it is often neglected to mention that they are staunch Hindus.

When violence against Hindus hit Leicester in 2022 the dominant narrative was that Hindus were themselves to blame. The evident urban jihad was blamed on Hindu extremism imported from India. The parallels with Kristallnacht in 1938 in Germany when Nazi Stormtroopers attacked Jewish people and property, and then the authorities blamed the Jews is eerily familiar. In fact, it has sinister echoes of 1981 when in the west London suburb of Southall, gangs of racist skinheads converged for a concert by the 4 Skins, attacking Asians on the streets. Police arrived to protect the racists from gangs of Asians acting in self-defence, and the media blamed the victims of the racial attacks for defending themselves. Now at that time the anti-racist organisations were active and did incredible work in exposing racial violence. But with specifically anti-Hindu attacks they are silent or create a fake news narrative.

It is strange that no anti-racism orgs even mention Hinduphobia in their sites or let alone raise the prejudices currently on the rise against Hindus. Why? Because in Churchill’s words Indians meaning Hindus are beastly people with a beastly religion Hinduism. So dies this mean they are somehow subhuman?


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