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Dr Koenraad Elst Talk With The Dummy At The London School Of Hinduphobics

Dr Koenraad Elst Talk With The Dummy At The London School Of Hinduphobics

Around 2005 we had arranged a talk on the rise of the imaginary ‘Hindu Nationalism’ at the London School of Economics and had invited Academic Chetan Bhatt to give a talk who was under the impression probably because of our British accents that we were a bunch of colonised Hinduphobes like him, so he accepted.

We had told him there will be another speaker also talking on the same subject but we hadn’t revealed who the other speaker was until the morning of the event so the audience would know who the guest speakers were. Suddenly knowing that this was a set-up for him to face Dr Koenraad Elst, Chetan Bhatt had to pull out of the talk as a relative conveniently became ill.

This is very typical with these subservient brown coolies, often also from India who are total cowards and run away from a open debate when their fantasies of Hindu supremacy will get exposed.

Anyway, As Dr Elst had travelled across the sea on a boat (don’t worry we won’t tell Suella Braverman) from Belgium to this talk with Bhattman, we decided to have a dummy wearing a French striped t-shirt representing Chetan Bhatt to face Dr Elst on the day who then later ripped apart his claims of Hindutva fascism and other made-up Hindu supremacy propaganda to a packed Hindu student audience.

As expected the dummy didn’t have a word to say when caught out and just sat there silently. You can see in the photos of both sitting together during the debate. It really was a historic moment.

For now, these colonised self-hating Indians have the backing of the white Hinduphobic racist elite here among the academia, media and political class who love their little brown-faced doormat to do the barking while they claim they are fighting racism. Yet in reality, they are the real racists living out their fantasies of their forefathers trying to civilise the Hindu pagan savage.

Chetan Bhatt is one of many subservient and cowardly class of Indians often exported from India itself with their wannabe colonial British accents who incite extreme hate and prejudices against Hindus; the largest remaining indigenous pagan people in the world. They accuse Hindus who speak up for Hindu causes as part of that clown organisation the RSS in their massive colonial khaki shorts .

They promote a white man’s worldview of the left-wing and right-wing where suddenly the Hindu is the far-right supremacist because they can’t openly call you a savage. And it’s often the so-called left wing( often joining hands with Far Right Christian and Islamic fundamentalists ) leading the Hinduphobic lynch mob. They justify the killings and violent attacks on Hindus by sugar-coating the perpetrators which we see often in media like the BBC, the Guardian, the Independent and others because the Hindu is still seen in Churchill’s worldview as a beastly people with a beastly religion. This is why you don’t even see anti-racism groups mention Hinduphobia and the rising hate against Hindus.

The Western Academic has a very serious deep Hinduphobic problem rooted in colonial racism and Abrahamic supremacist bigotry regardless how polished and intellectual they try to sound. And it is about time this hinduphobic network is exposed and dragged into the open for the public to see so legal action can be taken against this racist white elite and their brown gungadins.

This is, of course, is not a generalisation of all whites because they fall victim to these same white elite middle-class racists who look down upon them as ignorant uncouth uneducated masses who need brainwashing and probably put in the workhouse.


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