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Video : Rama and Sita Being Mocked In a Country Of A Billion Hindus

Video :  Rama and Sita Being Mocked In a Country Of A Billion Hindus

A bunch of Indian students from Puducherry University in India the abode of a billion Hindus trying to celebrate their inferiority complex to feel brave did a live show mocking Hindu Gods Ram, Sita and Hanuman. One wimpy fool has even a native American headdress on insulting Native Americans probably hoping Gora Sahib will give him a green card to the US in the future. Typical bunch of cringey Gungadins that the Indian colonial education system produces.


But the big question is so where are the billion Hindus who just recently were celebrating Ram’s Ayodhya temple? What did they learn? All they are doing right now is ranting and crying on X formally known as Twitter tagging Modi and other politicians to do something. Did Sri Rama and Hanuman also cry on X about Ravaan and then beg Modi to help ?

The level of spineless behaviour of these Hindus is the root problem of all problems which this play really reflects.

It’s always the same story with the vast majority of these Hindus across the world who are united in one ‘caste’ known as the coward caste which is why they get trampled on all the time.

And then worse they want a medal for their spineless behaviour like they are on some moral and spiritual high ground.
All they do by not taking action is give a boost to the anti-Hindus to act even more bravely to mock and attack Hinduism and even kill Hindus .

And this weak behaviour is reflected in the X comments like this,


‘Leave the matter to the Lord. He will punish these students. We have faith in the Lord.’


Thats funny as Krishna says to Arjuna

O son of Kuntī, give up this cowardice, for it does not befit you. O great hero, cast off this petty weakness of heart and arise for battle …BG 2.3:

So unless Krishna himself doesn’t understand the Gita and instead should be taking advice from the X Twitterarti Hindu experts that he being the ‘Lord’ needs to get his nunchucks out and go into Bruce Lee mode to take on the Adharmics.?

If these Hindus think that miraculously the Gods are going to take care of everything then they are definitely in the wrong religion or have no clue what Hinduism is which has got no room for this type of weak behaviour as Krishna points out to Arjuna. The Gods themselves are sending them a message with plays like this and other anti-Hindu activities that ditch cowardice and take action

Back in 2005 we had near to 2000 Hindus protesting and some even climbing up on the French embassy in London over a French company that was selling Rama on their shoes. They had to issue an apology and gave us all the shoes which we then took Ram’s imagery off and sent to India to be put in a holy river while we donated the shoes to poor people in India because that’s Hinduism that encourages action.  So let’s see 100s of thousands of Hindus turn up at this university to protest and even close it down. If they did take action then they would be taken seriously or no gives a damn of the cry baby attitude.


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