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Gungadin Stalin Is Right ‘Hinduism’ Needs Eradication But Not The One He Thinks

Gungadin Stalin Is Right ‘Hinduism’ Needs Eradication But Not The One He Thinks

Hindu Twitterati Army are finger exercising on their keyboards nonstop after the Udhayanidhi Stalin, son of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K. Stalin, probably both shorter than the real Stalin showed his extreme bravery at a talk called Eradicating Sanatan Dharma where he  said ,

“Few things cannot be opposed; they should only be abolished. We can’t oppose dengue, mosquitoes, malaria, or coronavirus, we have to eradicate them. In the same way, we have to eradicate Sanatana (Sanatan Dharma). Rather than merely opposing Sanatana, it should be eradicated “

Regardless of all the silly excuses he’s making to get out of it but being also a right-wing Christian brown-faced coolie we know what his statement really means. It is to erase Hinduism which is opening the door to the genocide of those pagan heathen Hindus like his faith inspired across the world.

This wimp is named after Joseph Stalin who also trained to be a priest at first and then later caused the death of 23 million people, more than double of what church-going Hitler caused.

Yes, he’s an example of that very typical submissive doormat Indian who won’t say that about other religions because he knows they will come out in numbers but then how does a coward make himself feel brave?

He goes and bullies a bigger coward which apart from a few are most ‘Hindus’ . Regardless of where they are across the world like we saw in the US recently with caste discrimination laws being passed or in mass numbers in India, it’s the same repeat story of getting bullied and trampled on with no comebacks apart from twitter Dharam Yudh ranting.

Do you believe Audery Trushke really even believes in her own Global Hindutva propaganda? Of course not because even if one percent of it was true she would be in hiding or praising Hinduism every day. But she also knows that most of these pseudo-Hindus have no backbone to take any action or otherwise they would be in their thousands outside Rutgers doing mass protests exposing her as a ultra right-wing Christian fundamentalist hatered against Hindus.

Remember most anti-Hindu propaganda comes from India itself to the rest of the world with no action from the government or the mass Hindu population to close it all down.

But what makes it worse is these Hindus then want an award for their collective cowardice for not taking any real action to defend Hinduism which then they try to camouflage under some airy-fairy escapism twisting and distorting Hindu philosophy while going on about how ‘peacefool’ they are and look we are all highly educated, high status and rich like we saw in Priyanka Deo’s latest video even though in real life they have total zero influence against the extreme rise of Hinduphobia. And by taking no action they actually encourage and invite more attacks.

A Ramana Maharshi follower was once trying to advise us that Hindus should not take action when Hindus are attacked as it’s their past karma cleansing out and by taking action you keep attached to this world and will not gain moksha. We replied, ‘Right so a rape victim shouldn’t report the crime to the police because it keeps her attached to the world you mean? or when an arsonist has attacked your house you don’t put the fire out but just sit there getting burnt alive because it’s cleansing out your karma ?

Of course, we got no answer apart from a block. This is the type of Adharmic garbage promoted by the majority of gurus of all different sects and temples that the most we have come across which is doing more harm and destruction than all the anti-Hindus and Stalins put together.

Do these Hindus even read or understand what Krishna inspires Arjun to do in the Gita ? Did Krishna tell Arjun to sit on the battlefield and start doing bhajans and brag about he’s a spelling bee champion and also CEO of Kurukshetra paan corner shop to scare off his toxic cousins and their armies ?

Nope, not at all.  Even Sri Aurobindo attacked this pseudo-Hindu mindset many decades ago as he could see how even the Gita was being turned to the opposite of its teaching by Hindus themselves.

This is the pseudo-Hinduism that needs to be eradicated and replaced with real Hinduism. Real Hinduism inspired Hindu warriors across a thousand years with resistance unmatched anywhere in the so-called ‘pagan’ world. Yes, we see movies and serials of brave Viking warriors but they ended up in the museum while Hindus are still here by real Kshatriya power.

If most Hindus today were following real Hinduism then this Stalin would be dealing with millions of Hindus on the streets bringing Tamil Naidu and the rest of India to its knees . He wouldn’t have even made the statement in the first place but would have been praising Hinduism and even claiming how devout Hindu he is knowing what could ignite if he said something negative.

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