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Video : Did Veer Veer Savarkar Betray the Freedom Movement ?

Video : Did Veer Veer Savarkar Betray the Freedom Movement ?

With the present movie, Swatantra Veer Savarkar directed, co-written, and co-produced by Randeep Hooda, who also plays the role of Savarkar has opened a full attack from Hinduphobic racists and their brown-faced subservient gungadins.

The Guardian goes far as falsely claiming Savarkar was pro-nazi even though he encouraged Indians to join the army to fight the nazis. And even backed the creation of Israel. But then you know with some of these whites from the so-called left/progressive/liberal suffer from deep-down inherited racism so to ‘white’wash the crimes of their racist forefathers they try to outsource their guilt to those brown heathen thuggees from Indiana Jones and the temple of doom.

Over two decades ago when we ran the Hindu society at the ‘prestigious’ Imperial University in London we had a professor from India give a talk on Veer Savarkar to a packed audience which also included children from the elite and wealthy Hindus from across the world who like most Hindus have never heard of Veer Savarkar .

He couldn’t believe that he would even be allowed to give a talk at such a top university which at that time he couldn’t even do in India. We reminded him to his surprise this university is the same place where Madan Lal Dhingra had shot Sir Curzon Wyllie, and we ain’t the type of Hindus who take Hinduphobia shit from anyone either unlike most Hindus who get trampled and on and bullied so be free to do your talk, which he proudly did to a packed lecture room with applauds at the end.

We had once visited India house with Dr Elst at Highgate in London on a rainy windy day where Veer Savarkar and his crew lived. So this a very rough clip from years ago back in 2013 on a new upcoming video on Veer Savarkar soon. Here Ranbir asks Dr Koenraad Elst standing outside 65 Cromwell Avenue -India House – about the often repeated accusation made of Veer Savarkar that he begged the British for a pardon which he eventually got so did he betray the freedom movement ?. #AkhandBharat #veersavarkar #swatantraveersavarkar #Hinduphobia #Hindutva


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