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Hardly Any Hindus Know About The Chuknagar Massacre Which Reflects A Wider problem

Hardly Any Hindus Know About The Chuknagar Massacre Which Reflects A Wider problem

A thread started by Āryā_Anvikṣā on X about the Chuknagar Massacre in 1971 of mostly Hindus including children were killed by the Pakistani army asks how many Hindus are aware of this massacre.

And we know the answer which means the Hindu revinention of the Zero mostly none just like they have no clue about the mass genocides and killings of Hindus past and even present. This is the only community on the planet where most of them have no awareness of any attacks on Hindus even presently. And who is to blame?

Well, the full blame goes on the Hindus themselves and even those in positions of power who never brought this tragic event or the many others from history to the Hindu masses. No memorials or museums ( apart from Francois Gautier’s one ).

Millions of Hindu temples can easily have exhibits and even have regular talks about the history past and present of attacks on Hindus. Imagine Tirupati Balaji temple which has 50,000 to 100,000 devotees per day having an exhibition of the genocides of Hindus through history or the latest attacks on Hindus then how fast that would educate the Hindus attending?

But nope, with the number of useless excuses they make like we can’t do it otherwise, the government will close us down or this reason or that reason but worse when they distort Hinduism to it’s all past karma and we shouldn’t get attached to it gets in the way of spiritual attachment. These temples bow down giving Jizya from Hindu donations to the local government then cry about it in private.

Often when raising the human rights of Hindus we often came across this type of nonsense from temples never letting us put up posters for an upcoming protest to raise these issues to the public. And the very few that did lead us having a mass protest of Hindus together.

A Ramana Maharishi follower was trying to convince us that we shouldn’t get attached to these issues as it’s all ‘Maya’ and the karma of the victims they brought from their past lives. So we replied is this the advice you give to a woman who has been raped that it was all her fault from her past life which she paid for in this one, so she shouldn’t be attached to the crime but should be thanking the rapist for clearing her past karma? We were soon blocked.

Recently in the US there have been several attacks on Hindu temples.So have all the Hindu temples in the US come out together to condemn the attacks and the Hinduphobia on the rise regularly ? We were told that most don’t want to get involved in ‘controversy’

Yes like Sri Rama did by not taking an offensive against Ravaan in Sri Lanka cause he didn’t want to cause any controversy but stayed in the forest telling Hanuman it’s all Maya so let’s not get attached to this world and mediate instead. ………NOT

As Hindu Scholar Ram Swarup says himself –

“Hindus fought Muslim invaders and locally established Muslim dynasties but neglected to study the religious and ideological motives of the invaders. Hindu learning or whatever remained of its earlier glory, followed the old grooves and its texts and speculations remained unmindful of the new phenomenon in their midst. For example, even as late as the fourteenth century, when Malik Kafur was attacking areas in the far South, in the vicinity of the seat of Sri Ramanujacharya, the scholarly dissertations of disciples of the great teacher show no awareness of the fact.”

 The irony is that most of the damage and distortions of Hinduism are not done by the Hinduphobes as much as Hindu gurus, scholars and other experts themselves do by promoting it as all ‘Maya’ but we should focus on ourselves as we are so peacefool, so just sit there, mediate instead and let Karma take care of everything.

Another Hindu favourite excuse is blaming it on the caste division myth so we have to unite first in the far future before we take action.Well, that’s a bit odd that even Hindus who have been attacked don’t get support from their own caste people either.So maybe they are all united on one caste known as cowardice.

Along with the genocides Hindus faced during history they also produced some of the greatest warriors on the planet from their indigenous Hindu culture which is why we are not in the museum like most other ancient civilisations . And this also should have exhibits in every temple to show what real Hinduism is to masses.

Even Aurobindo criticised this mindset a long time back so it’s not something new but should be the focus of all Hindu activists and Hindu Influencers like Sai Deepak,  Abhijit Iyer-Mitra     Anand Ranganathan    Abhijit Chavda  and others who should be dragging out these fools and exposing  them within the Hindu community and laying down the rules.


A debate on X by Āryā_Anvikṣā

The Chuknagar Massacπe, which stands as the largest single-day, single-location massacre of 1971, witnessed the tragic loss of 10,000 Hindu lives within a span of 24 hours. Only a mere 200 Hindus managed to survive the horrific events of the Chuknagar Massacπe in May 1971, and sought refuge in India.But the question is, how many Hindus are aware of this? @Arya_Anviksha_

Most of the people are aware about Jallianwala Bagh Massacre but not about Chuknagar massacre. The soldiers from Pakistan launched an attack on Chuknagar and opened fiπe on the Hindu refugees. Those who tried to escape were meπcilessly klled, while others who sought refuge in the river were also shot. The river was stained red with blood, flowing like a river of coπpses. The soldiers didn’t stop until they exhausted all their ammunition, targeting the Hindu civilians relentlessly.@Arya_Anviksha_


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