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‘We Need Hindu Unity’ Or Do We ?

“Inaction Leads to Disunity While Action Leads to Unity”

One common ‘mantra’ you will always hear in response to any anti Hindu incident is ‘We need Hindu unity’ because according to the majority, every problem is due to the ‘lack of Hindu unity’ or ‘Hindu disunity’. Type into google ‘We need Hindu unity or Hindus are disunited’ and watch how many millions of entries show up. Look on X (Twitter) or Facebook across any other social media and you will find the same ‘We need Hindu Unity’ slogan. It makes you wonder, are they trying to create unity like in the horror movie called the Human Centipede where people are surgically joined together ? So till then lets wait.

Imagine that your house is on fire but we first have to wait to unite everyone across the neighbourhood to then work out how to use a water hose that’s right in front of us all along, to put the fire out, while unitedly holding hands together. You will have no house left, let alone will you be existing yourself..

There was even a website called Hindu Unity run by a Rohit Vyasman, an online saffron James Bond who was on a very secret top mission across the world trying to unite Hindus. He didn’t really exist but it was found out later that he was a group of retired Hindus sitting in a basement in New York.

There also have been several Hindu Unity Day events in New York along with many others in some form or another reincarnated around the world for decades.

6 Hinduphobes Vs 3000 united Hindoos

This was also the theme at the World Hindu Congress back in 2018 in ‘Al Capone’s’ Chicago where at a gathering of 2- 3 thousand ‘United’ Hindus, speaker after speaker emotionally ranted about the need of ‘Hindu Unity’ which ended up with 6 Hinduphobes hijacking the event and getting maximum publicity in the mainstream for fighting against the ‘United Hindtuva Extremist’ event, attended by united ‘Hindu Nazi extremists’. And since that failed event in 2018 they still have no professional Hindu-based academia, think tanks, or any institutions set up while Hinduphobia especially in the US has increased a millionfold with even caste discrimination laws sooner or later being passed.

Because anyone who is aware of the history of ‘Hindu Unity’ events over the years will come to the realisation that the only Hindu achievement that came out was the reinvention or reincarnation of an older ancient Hindu invention known as the Zero.

The RSS is another example that repeats the ‘We Need Hindu Unity’ chant and then brags to have 5 million members as a show of Hindu unity strength can’t even make any impact within India itself while claiming to defend Hindu culture. But worse it can’t even protect its members who are regularly killed.

So why hasn’t this mantra of ‘We need Hindu unity’ not worked, unlike the mantras and chants Hinduism has given to the world which do work?

There are a few reasons for this, revolving around a massive inferiority complex, laziness, and most of all an extreme collective cowardice which most of these ‘We need Hindu Unity’ chanters are ironically united around. Millions of Hindu temples and not even one will raise the persecution of Hindus which proves they are all united in the same ‘caste’ of cowardice.

This cowardice is a way to avoid taking responsibility when danger is facing you by creating a delusion that when we are all united in some future utopia,  we will suddenly be saved,so sit back now watch Bollywood and then whinge and whine later on X(Twitter) to tears and praises of the Hindu Twitterfarti. Nowhere in the world would you see so many people continuously under attack and all they return back with is the chant ‘We need Hindu Unity’ till another attack and the same loop takes place. like in the movie Groundhog Day.

This ‘we need to unite’ is a reaction to when they see other religions and their followers expanding. 

They believe that other religions are united which itself is false but this reflects a deeper inferiority complex somehow assuming that there is unity elsewhere. It ignored the denominational factionalism among Christians, notably Catholics and Protestants, or White churches and Black churches. It ignores the internecine conflicts between Shia and Sunni Muslims and indeed how both attack the Ahmadiyyas. It does not even realise the conflict between factions of people in the same political boat, such as on the Left between Stalinists and Trotskyists.

Unlike these Utopian delusions, Hinduism has never needed this utopian unity as the Hindu civilization has stood strong due to its underlying cultural and religious/spiritual unity which defended itself while most ancient civilizations ended up in the museums.

We can see elements of this with the largest gathering on the planet during the Kumbh Mela where millions of Hindus from different ‘castes’, regions and races gather together from the most diverse practices and spiritual world-views. Again, the majority of allegedly ‘disunited’ Hindus live in India and voted Modi ‘unitedly’ into power twice.

We should be promoting the power of that unity instead of sending the wrong message that ‘Hindus lack unity’ as it demoralizes and dis-empowers Hindus, mentally breaking down their confidence and worse empowers and boosts up the confidence of the opposition. They use this inferiority complex to attack Hindus and degrade Hinduism while pushing a false overall image to the world already brainwashed by hinduphobic fascist narratives that Hinduism is incapable of uniting Hindus or anyone because its full of inequality and discrimination due to caste, regional conflicts, or ‘Aryan-Dravidian divides .

The side effects of this leads the mentally defeated Hindu then to join the enemy to feel safe and then to turn anti Hindu like we often see. And if this same defeated hindu converts to Islam or even Christianity , he suddenly becomes a foot soldier and is ready to go anywhere in the world to propagate and even fight for their new found beliefs. Because its natural as everyone wants to be part of the strongest tribe.

Then some Hindu experts claim ‘We Need Hindu Unity’ in reaction to Hindu disunity caused by caste or region division. Well that don’t make much sense either as we don’t see Hindus under attack for being Hindu being saved by his or hers own caste or region people either. And If the Hindu identity itself is not powerful then people will cling on to their castes and regional IDs as a safety net.

So this ‘We Need Hindu Unity’ chant is the blind leading the lemmings united over the cliff proving its not ‘We need Hindu Unity’ alone that is the cure when we can see clearly Hinduism and Hindus are under attack more than they have ever been before and they can’t seem to defend themselves even though being nearly a billion.

What are the secret ingredients that are the real weapon to save Hinduism?

It’s the advice Krishna gives to Arjuna which is based around a vision, strategy and most of all courageous ACTION which most of today’s Hindus totally lack and have become a lampoon of cowardice where they have misinterpreted Krishna’s teachings to fit into a framework to justify their spineless behaviour like a boxer who hasn’t trained at all but enters the boxing ring, gets knocked out with the first punch, in the first round without putting up any defense or trying to punch back but then makes the comical claim he really won the bout riding a higher moral and spiritual high-horse by being above the Maya – the illusion of the boxing ring and opposing boxer as all as his fans dance around celebrating his saffron delusions of grandeur and victory. In reality there is nothing Hindu with this type of deluded behaviour that has become the norm for being a good ‘hindoo’. This pseudo Hinduism is the biggest danger to Hinduism.

Here a few examples from history of what a real Hindu is suppose to be, with a vision, strategy, and most of all, courageous ACTION .

Like teenager Shivaji who, with a few friends took action which attracted many other Hindus to his cause, who even after Shivaji’s death continued the struggle to the 18th century that destroyed the Mughal empire.

Swami Vivekananda who, with no resources went to the US all by himself facing all types of hostility but had a plan which led to him making a world impact which we can see even today.

Swami Prabhupada went all alone to the US with no resources at 70 while suffering a heart attack on the journey and we can see the impact of his faith with Krishna now a household name. There’s many others also who did the same.

Again what did these 3 Hindus have in common?

A vision, strategy and courage to take action proving what Hindus need is not airy fairy let’s all clap our hands together unity, but courageous ‘ACTION’ which automatically also brings the right type of unity as history has shown.

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