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How To Lose The Battle Via Hindu Self Goal ? Just Call The Enemy Left/Liberal

How To Lose The Battle Via Hindu Self Goal ? Just Call The Enemy Left/Liberal

A good example of how the Hindu side keeps losing the overall narrative with non stop self goals even though they have all the ammo to expose the opposition can be seen in this present-day Hinduphobic crime at Netra Jyoti College in the Udupi district of Karnataka, where female Hindu students were secretly recorded in the washroom by their Muslim classmates.

Now instead of calling out the submissive slave or gungadin, coolie, or what other term to describe cowardly colonised mental slaves, the Hindu experts shoot themselves in the foot by calling them ‘left-liberals like in the Op India’s latest article adding more fuel to Hinduphobic propaganda.

This is what the Hinduphobes want to be called so they can use it across the world to falsely claim they are fighting the imaginary Hindu ‘Right Wing’ because they are ‘left-liberals’ fighting for justice and equality. Look, Gora Sahib, these RW Hindus are calling us ‘left-liberals’ so here’s the proof so hand over the dollars. Its a fraud like the Indian scam phone call centers calling you up for your bank details because you have won the lottery and they want to send over the billion.

Soon as the Hindu side stops calling them ‘left-liberals’ and ‘secularists’ and calls them out as the self-hating colonized internalized racist slaves sucking up to white racists from the left and the right in the West they will start losing their platforms.

But presently, these scam artists still get the platform to spread their false Hinduphobic propaganda across the media/academia and political class around the world thanks to the Hindu side who still can’t work out we are not fighting a left-wing Vs Right Wing battle but an Indigenous Dharmic war against Western, White and Abrahamic, secular and religious supremacy and imperialism who are the real left-wing liberals and Right-wing with their loyal brown-faced subservient slaves.

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