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‘It’s Not Hinduphobia’ claim confused Hindu Twitterati and YouTubers

‘It’s Not Hinduphobia’ claim confused Hindu Twitterati and YouTubers

In his 2001 book, ‘Decolonizing the Hindu Mind’ by Dr. Koenraad Elst, he states that “Hindus have a habit of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory”. A book could be written on this subject alone, because even with the upper hand, the BJP is sitting there with full power, yet so frightful to even change one sentence in the present Hinduphobic education system, thus empowering the rather powerless opposition to control the Indian apartheid state against the Hindu majority.

Once HHR had met with BJP spokesperson Ram Madhav and were suddenly enlightened to know that all he has to do is open his gob and you end up with a million self goals to the cheers of Hinduphobes.

But the BJP is not the only one who suffers from this ‘snatching defeat’ mindset syndrome but it’s also widespread with most Hindus wherever they are residing. We’re seeing the latest display of the ‘snatching defeat’ mindset syndrome by the YouTube or Twitter online Intellectual Kshatriya Hindu ranters and think tanks turn into stink tanks over the word ‘Hinduphobia’ who claim there is no such thing as ‘Hinduphobia’ but rather boldly stating it’s ‘Hindu hate’ or some other awkward term that no one will ever use.

These confused Hindu intellectuals have earned a place in the Guinness World Records for their extreme stupidity. Firstly, discrimination within the context of ‘Phobia’ also means extreme hate as we see with transphobia, homophobia, or xenophobia, which often leads to extreme violence and abuse.

 In the dominant global English-speaking mainstream, the “-phobia” suffix is already in use as common lingo in general discussions. No one will suddenly start using ‘Hindumisia’ which probably will be confused for some psychedelic drug grown in the Himalayas just like no one is going to use ‘Hinduodium’ which sounds like a new range of aftershave and deodorant bought from some dodgy spiv type peddling bootleg items from a plastic bag. Worse, might get confused for Hindu-Opium or mocked into Hindu Odour.

Hindu Hate is already in use as ‘Hindu Hate’ against minorities, so using it would make the Hinduphobes very happy when Hindus start promoting it because it will backfire in the faces of Hindus by imbibing the very inferiority complex that is pushed on them by their enemies.

Hinduphobia was already in use by the British media since 1800s and is now thanks to HHR is included in the Oxford English Dictionary which explains why the few Hinduphobes who are now aware of its history are fearful its widespread usage will destroy their fabricated claims of it being a newly invented term which they believe was invented by “Hindu Nationalists” and “Hindutva fascists.” On the contrary, the Hinduphobes put forth a fake narrative that claims they are victims to muddy the waters. Hinduphobia has existed long before Islamophobia and this is documented history.

So instead of taking full advantage of having the historical upper hand, the Hindu side are becoming useful idiots for the Hinduphobes who claim ‘Hinduphobia’ doesn’t exist which they try to “prove” by parading a Hindu who says there is no such thing as Hinduphobia. Once again, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. The Guinness World Record still stands.

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