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Video : Hindu Americans Protest Against Camouflaged Hinduphobic Discrimination

Video : Hindu Americans Protest Against Camouflaged Hinduphobic Discrimination

A massive crowd of #HinduAmericans protested on the 25th of April in #Sacramento against California’s proposed #caste legislation #SB403. Yes, we know that Califonia is full of streets better known as Brahmin purity streets so no low castes like us are allowed to enter. Even the water pipes on those streets are directly connected to the upper purer parts of the Ganges Basin in the Himalayas so Brahmins living in Beverly Hills can have their daily dipping yo-yo water purification rituals in their luxury bathtubs without us Untouchables to worry about. But then The Untouchables was a good movie

Jokes Aside, but even though the law was passed by Democrats and Republicans (Hinduphobic Unity) on the committee ,it can be turned to Hindu advantage as discrimination works both ways where the hate against Brahmins and Hindus, in general, is all out in the open. The US has a long history of Hinduphobia which needs to be brought out into the public

This is also the best time to take legal action against all these Hinduphobes and also incite anger among all Hindus to then take action on the streets with massive public rallies exposing the Hinduphobic networks .

Hindu temples should also be forced to raise these issues to the masses that turn up and to get them active because real Hinduism is not sitting in a cave meditating but taking action by defending it . This is what every Hindu child should be brought up on as part of their Hindu identity.


A right-winger Khalistani supporter of the caste law tells Hindu protesters to go back to India. The irony is he’s most probably going to be getting sued for caste discrimination sooner or later as several Sikhs including one in being sent to Jaik in the UK for caste discrimination. They have the most worse caste discrimination issues than any other community.

The Fraud Squad


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