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Video : ‘Rearming Hinduism’ – Book Launch Opens Up The Best Hindu ‘Controversial’ Debate In Years

Video : ‘Rearming Hinduism’ – Book Launch Opens Up The Best Hindu ‘Controversial’ Debate In Years

This book launch of ‘Rearming Hinduism By Prof. Vamsee Juluri opened up a hard-hitting in the face Hindu debate stirred up by guests Dr. Anand Ranganathan and J. Sai Deepak that was desperately needed for years, especially for calling out the weak BJP government that’s so far failed the Hindu community regardless of the Ram temple suddenly getting ‘conveniently’ made 10 years after power when its elections. This A kissing habit of the BJP is shaped by the RSS mindset of wanting a pat on the back from Hinduphobes is where the root problem lies as pointed out by legends like Sita Ram Goel.

So Adolf Modi the messiah is RSS mentally limited in baggy khaki colonial shorts otherwise all these anti-Hindu institutions in India would have been closed down by now, Hindu temples would be free, and Hindu causes would have mostly been solved as no one in India or even abroad who can stop that.  No one is going to mess around with a country that’s got more Nukes than all the chai and pakoras that most have eaten together.

But historically the RSS not only mentally disarmed the Hindu masses by claiming to be Hindu saviors but they also physically disarmed the Hindus otherwise there would have been a Gopal Patha living in every street across India. This is why ‘Rearming Hinduism’ is a book every Hindu should be reading as it opens up the Hindu mind to see the Hinduphobic narratives in operation like the black plague but then gives the intellectual framework cure of taking it on.

The Book Launch event of ‘Rearming Hinduism’ – Nature, Hinduphobia and the Return of Indian Intelligence witnessed an intense discussion on the subject of Hinduphobia and the threats to the Sanatan Dharma if not dealt with legally. The book is a critique of Hinduphobia in today’s academia, media and popular culture, Vamsee Juluri shows us that what the Hinduphobic worldview denies is not only the truth and elegance of Hindu thought, but the very integrity and sanctity of the natural world itself. The Author speaks about his motivation for writing this book and his central idea. The event goes on to have a serious discourse on the current challenges faced by the Indian Civilisation.

About The Speakers: Prof. Vamsee Juluri is a professor of media studies at the University of San Francisco and a writer of many books. He has written for several publications. His research interest is in the globalization of media audiences with an emphasis on Indian television and cinema, mythology, religion, violence and Gandhian philosophy. Dr. Anand Ranganathan is a Scientist and Professor at JNU. He is also the Consulting Editor of Swarajya. An Author of many books and columns he is renowned for his candidness and impartial viewpoints. J. Sai Deepak is an Indian Hindutva activist, lawyer, and prolific writer. As a counsel, he practices before the Supreme Court of India and the High Court of Delhi. Moderator: Ashish Dhar is the Director and co-founder of Upward Foundation – a media outlet to build a discourse on Indian civilization and the Indic movement.
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0:00 Power Statement – fighting the Hinduphobia

1:20 Remembering the victims of terror attack in Riasi J&K

5:25 The Rearming of Hinduism – vision of purushartha

8:30 The misrepresentation of Hinduism in academia and media

10:56 Slumdog Millionaire – a propaganda movie

14:30 Rearming – equipped with the knowledge to convince the other side

17:15 The Mood of the Nation and Temple tours

19:10 Bhakti-infused reflection on Hindu deities

21:00 Social media – weapon for Hinduphobia

23:54 Hamas attacks on Israel – misguided campus protests

26:52 Arjuna’s bird – a passage from the book

29:15 The recurring pattern – the influencers, the celebrities look away from reality

31:00 The massacre in Riasi – wile to say terrorism has no religion

37:40 Hinduism can not survive – turning a blind eye to illegal conversions

38:30 Disarming Hindus and rearming other faiths legally

39:50 Refugees in their own land – victims of genocide

41:39 Arrests for offending religious sensibilities are subjective

43:25 Hindus and Hindutva – Hindutva is the essence of Hinduism

47:40 Disarming needs to be done in Kashmir

49:49 Savarkar resides on our lips, Gandhi in our spine and Karl Marx in our soul

51:58 Ram Mandir verdict – irrefutable evidence

55:50 The growing Rohingya population in Jammu

58:30 The jihadi thrives in peacetime

1:02:11 Asking tough questions from the people who are in power is the need of the hour Q&A

1:05:00 How much does the idea of Savarkar about Hindutva and the caste system affect society?

1:10:00 Attacking Hindu institutions vilifying Brahmins results in conversions

1:16:00 Hindus co-op jihadis at the expense of their own

1:20:30 Caste discrimination and freedom of expression, your views?

1:28:00 In the British period the exultation of Jati identity at the expense of Hindu identity

1:30:16 Caste Discrimination is more a narrative than a fact

1:31:15 Shouldn’t Hindus protest for freeing the temples from government control?

1:37:30 Why Ecological aspect of the preservation of sacred sites is neglected?

1:44:20 Propaganda to break civilisation under the garb of promoting social equality

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