Thursday 25th July 2024,
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Video : BBC Promoting ‘Christian’ Yoga

Nothing surprising with its history of Hinduphobic racism the BBC who was the first to promote that fraud, Mother Teresa, now promoting Christian Yoga divorcing Yoga from its Indigenous Hindu roots as Yoga spreads across the world. They think having a nonwhite or even a Gunga Din Indian fronting their report hides their Hinduphobic racism but that’s now starting to fail. If the BJP had some backbone they would also close them down in India to send a strong message to these white colonial racists.

Other Hindus expose their racism online.

Most unashamed & disgraceful cultural appropriation of  ancient spiritual #Hindu practice of #Yoga ever seen! Done to attain Oneness with #Brahman the ultimate Supreme Being, the #BBC couldn’t even attribute Hinduism, calling it ‘Eastern’! Even the mat is a  #SundayMorningLive

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