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Video : Bob Blackman Calls Out BBC’s ‘Biased’ Ram Temple Reporting In Parliament

Video : Bob Blackman Calls Out BBC’s ‘Biased’ Ram Temple Reporting In Parliament

Accusations of media bias are nothing new. But the BBC has been consistently negative in its reporting on India, especially with regard to Hindu issues. Although not alone in this, the BBC is a legacy brand that somehow awards itself a high degree of impartiality and integrity. That of course has become an unhealthy joke when one looks at reporting on the Rama temple at Ayodhya. It has taken one lone MP, Bob Blackman of the Conservative Party, to break this invisible gagging order that prevents the truth from coming out. Constantly we hear from the BBC that Ram Janmabhoomi has been built on the site of a “demolished mosque” that was destroyed in 1992 by “Hindu nationalists”. Yet archaeological and other records prove existence of Hindu temple for centuries before the Babri Masjid was built. BBC reports also omit that a mosque is being constructed nearby.

After HHR complaints, they had to take down a Hinduphobic online poll from their site asking if a temple should be built on the ‘mosque’ or not ? We said, what the effen hell is it your business what India does especially after all the hinduphobic racist hate you promote .?

This deliberate omitting of essential facts is done for the specific reason of victimising Hindus as part of the BBC and indeed a wider media narrative that puts Hinduphobia into the very core of their journalism.

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