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Video : HHR Watch An Attack On Hinduphobic And Pedo Hub BBC

Video : HHR Watch An Attack On Hinduphobic And Pedo Hub BBC

On 12 January 2022 a man scaled BBC Broadcasting House to destroy a sculpture made by the artist, Eric Gill. Now Gill’s own diaries, published in the 1980s, admitted that he sexually molested his own daughters.

Despite long campaigns, the BBC have refused to move the statue made by this sick paedophile. Then again this should come as no surprise. The BBC was once the place where paedophile and necrophiliac Jimmy Savile lurked for years, finding new victims live on TV and in the studio. The BBC was also infested with the child abusing Rolf Harris.

Despite claims of sexual assault, the BBC never did anything. Harris has been jailed but only after revelations of Savile’s sordid depravity were revealed after his death; a death that the BBC eulogised as if some holy figure had died.

But Savile of course was no saint. Neither is the actual saint Mother Teresa. Born just ordinary Anjezë Gonxhe into a Kosovar Albania  family, this depraved creature has been canonised by the very same Catholic Church which imposed the Inquisition on indigenous peoples from India to Brazil.

The same Church which has been wracked by its own scandals of sexual abuse and murder, as well as helping Nazi war criminals escape.

No surprise then that it was an ideal fit for the BBC. The BBC’s Malcolm Muggeridge, who did the monotheistic gambit from communism to Protestantism to Catholicism, raised this vile parasite to the level of a saint with the help of his 1969 documentary on her, claiming she was doing such wonderful work for the poor of India.

Of course, this hid the fact that she associated with dictators who oppressed their own people, was cosy with white-collar financial criminals, and her own ‘charity’ held funds which were in total contrast to the image of poverty which she put across. Teresa was just yet another of those missionaries who set forth to civilise the pagan savage, and make a nice tasty little bit on the side with no questions asked.

In this sense, the ‘service’ which Teresa offered has less ethics than one of those spivs selling black market nylon tights during rationing in the 1940s.

Now contrast this with the BBC’s treatment ( Secret Swami documentary) )of Sathya Sai Baba, whose organisation actually ran charitable organisations with high quality medical care, that contrasted with the sordid, unhygienic, disease-ridden septic shelters run by Teresa.

Despite complaints of unsubstantiated claims of abuse by Sai Baba, the BBC shoved any complaints down the Kafkaesque nightmare of department to department, until time had elapsed and by their own self-serving procedures, nothing could be done. This was of course helped by Hindu organisations that said they did not want to spoil their peaceful and goody two shoes image by complaining too much.

Not that this image could actually get any worse with the treatment by the BBC. The same has happened with any other complaints that the BBC has received for brazen bias and Hinduphobia. Under the circumstances, with this lack of accountability to the very taxpayers which fund it via the license fee, one can understand why the statue made by a child sex pest honoured by the BBC has now gone the same way as its complete shambles of a complaints process.




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