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Rahul Bhat’s Blood Soaked Sacred Hindu Thread Wrapped Around The Racist BBC

Rahul Bhat’s Blood Soaked Sacred Hindu Thread Wrapped Around The Racist BBC

In line with its usual spewing of anti-Hindu hatred and crass racism the BBC has claimed that in America, Indian immigrants have brought with them the noxious ‘Hindu’ caste system. Indeed this poison has reared its ugly head in Silicon Valley of all places where Dalit staff have been subjected to humiliation based on caste. Now how is this manifest?

Well apparently upper caste Hindus pat others on the back to verify if they are wearing the janeu, a thread invested among those of higher caste as a rite of passage, a coming of age ceremony. Dalits do not wear this.

However as some of you may be thinking how exactly thick does this thread have to be and of what material should it be composed of, fear not because the BBC has found out another bit of ingenuity by this scheming upper caste Hindus.

This is the swimming test. It works in a most crafty manner that it would beguile even the most skilled of detective writers. So a bunch of Indian immigrant staff want to go for a swim. So they take their shirts off. Now apparently this can then ascertain who is wearing a janeu, sneakily hidden away all this time under their garments.

If this sounds utterly stupid and in the same category of conspiracies involving aliens, mind control through vaccines, and coming Apocalypse it is actually worse than that. Peel away the layers and it smacks of nothing more than good old antisemitism and racism; the former an intrinsic part of western civilisation since its birth, the second some baggage it picked up along the way European empires were carving up the globe and has not quite got rid of. The fact that this vile Hinduphobia is being propagated through mainstream media should give cause for alarm.

It is not some fringe phenomena. It is central. That is why the BBC and other outlets while awash with sympathy with Ukrainians forced to flee their ancestral homeland, ignore indigenous Hindus forced out of Kashmir.

The Kashmir Files is condemned as right-wing propaganda by right-wing Hindu fascists. This is the same manner in which Native Americans were portrayed in westerns as savages for not wanting to be exterminated by white settlers.

Or how Africa was represented in all its glory by Tarzan, who apparently knew the native wildlife better than the people who had been living there for thousands of years and were again portrayed in movies as bloodthirsty cannibals. The results of all this hate are there for all to see.

On 12 May 2022 Rahul Bhat was murdered by terrorists in Kashmir, inside an office complex in Chadoora town. Scores of minority Hindus, locally known as Pandits, took to the streets in at least three places and blocked roads to demand that Bhat’s killers be brought to justice.

They chanted slogans against the government and India’s governing Bharatiya Janata Party, blaming them for inaction. Most poignantly symbolic was what was found on Bhat’s lifeless body. His blood drenched janeu, which the BBC considers a symbol of Hindu supremacism.


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