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Video : ‘Hindutva’ Elephant Chases Off Pastor Long Whitedress

Video : ‘Hindutva’ Elephant Chases Off Pastor Long Whitedress

Somewhere in the Chai paradise known as Munnar tea estate in Kerela, a Ganeshji Bhakt Elephant went into a “Hathi mere Hindutva Sathi, So I Don’t Want Your Chappati” mode chasing Pastor Long Whitedress and crew down the road hopefully to win India some gold medals in the next Olympics. Make sure you have your cotton wool buds in your ears to avoid high-pitch shooing away from these fools intruding with cars as the elephant is just taking a walk to get his cup of tea. We’re sure the white Christian far-right fundo Audery Trushke, will claim how an innocent Christian missionary came to feed the elephant some chappatis but got chased off because it was a Hindtuva elephant.

India especially Hindus need to look after its elephants and other animals as so many are left injured or killed when hit by trains/lorries/cars and electric fences.

Padayappa road attack at Munnar tea estate – Courtesy Munnar Heaven


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