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Neo-Brahmin Supremacy Exposed

In the 2001 film, The Believer, a former Jewish student in a New York yeshiva becomes a Nazi skinhead who wants to exterminate his own community. The movie is based loosely on the life of Dan Burros. Born to Jewish parents, he attended a Hebrew school and had his Bar Mitzvah. Later he joined Lincoln Rockwell’s American Nazi Party.

The New York Times exposed his Jewish background in 1965 and he committed suicide. The concept is that marginalisation can pressure minorities to align with their oppressors. The yeshiva student in The Believer and the real-life Dan Burros went so far against their own background they identified with the very people who wanted them wiped out: white supremacists who believe Jews rule the world and are malignant.

This form of internalised racism bears a sinister resemblance to the dominant narrative about Brahmins in India, promoted by western Indologists. Said to be elite, wealthy, and oppressing the Hindu masses via the ‘Brahmanical caste system’, they are portrayed as parasites, leeches, holding Indians in poverty.

What is most disturbing is this myth has been propagated by people who are themselves Brahmin. Just as Jews and indigenous peoples around the world were taught to hate themselves, the same was true of Hindus in general and Brahmins in particular.

In the colonial period, the British rulers and Christian missionaries knew that to destroy Hinduism they would have to destroy the Brahmins and that they could do this by making them hate themselves. This self-loathing would then trickle down to future generations.

While the British Raj may have ended, the education system and political narrative it fostered has not only endured but thrived. Hence we have the bizarre phenomenon of India’s elite constantly decrying caste inequality of Hinduism, while themselves being of upper caste origin, western-educated, Anglophone, dislocated from the culture of the masses, and forming a close knit tribe of a ruling elite with other Brahmins. These neo-Brahmins detest the traditional Brahmins who symbolise a culture and civilisation which they regard as backward, regressive and ultimately a threat.

Lemming Style Psychosis

In October 2021 postcolonial studies professor, Priyamvada Gopal had her lecture cancelled when she accused Home Secretary Priti Patel of harbouring ‘anti-black attitudes’ allegedly ‘typical of Indians who lived in East Africa.’

The irony is not lost when one considers that Dr Gopal has been rather active in canceling others with views that stray from her own.

In 2020 a controversial tweet on ‘white lives’, which according to twitter was deleted by the author, attracted strong criticism of anti-white racism, including from other Hindu accounts.




The tweets were followed by similar wording on ‘Brahmin lives’. She defended the latter saying that she was herself from a Brahmin family. But she did not say it was only her life as a Brahmin that didn’t matter.

This equates, according to her logic, to a white person — even though she is brown — erasing the value of all white lives for whom she speaks while granting value, as a white person, to the lives of those she calls black.

This claim is based on her equivalence that white equals Brahmin and black equals Dalit. Dalit lives matter — as Dalits — however the Brahmins upon whose identity Dalits are relationally defined, do not. Once Brahmins/whites withdraw from the strata, Dalit/black identity would need to be attributed and upheld by Dalits themselves.

A white person under this schema has the power to erase her own ‘whiteness’ by mere sophistry, as in a kind of transracialism. There is no mention of any other caste or colour thus between black and white, Dalit and Brahmin, a void appears.

With her Brahmin privilege from Cambridge University, Dalits would continue to occupy the only rung on a ladder hanging from the void.

The daughter of an Indian diplomat, Gopal attended an international high school in Vienna. Gopal studied at Jawaharlal Nehru University, named after India’s first prime minister who was also of Brahmin background. Gopal not just shares the ‘Brahmin’ privilege of India’s ruling caste, but also hatred of anything ‘right-wing’, which means pretty much anyone who disagrees with her. While being vociferous against racism and colonialism, Gopal also indulges in antisemitic conspiracy theories, and Hinduphobia.

While the antisemitism brought attention, her Hinduphobia never has. Just as Gopal assumes whiteness and being Brahmin gives her authority to erase whiteness and Brahmin-ness, being Hindu enables her to enact lateral racism and anti religious sentiment against her own kind.

Hinduphobia is propagated by India’s deracinated elites drawn in large part from the Brahmin castes. Western education and ideologies continue to be internalised and propagated by this elite long after British rule ended.

Despite all the fulminations against Hindu caste system, when it comes to their own privilege this neo-Brahmin supremacist caste assert their papal authority.

While the modern fascists continue the classic Nazi and allied theories of Jews dominating communism, there is also a bizarre situation of certain Jews being prominent fascists and anti-Semites. This is not as strange as it may first appear. Bolshevism was denounced by its opponents as being run by Jews. Certainly, people of Jewish origin were prominent in the communist movement, notably Trotsky, Kamenev and Zinoviev. But they thought of themselves as revolutionaries, not as Jews .

Indeed Trotsky averted his gaze from pogroms being committed by white forces fighting communism. It is often said that communism became anti-Semitic under Stalin . However, the ground was already laid by the holy red prophet himself, Karl Marx.

Coming from a long lineage of rabbis, Marx is given as proof that Jews wanted to subvert society by revolution. But Marx’s father and family had converted to Christianity. Marx did not see himself as Jewish. In 1844, he published an essay titled “On the Jewish Question.”

He wrote that the worldly religion of Jews was “huckstering” and that the Jew’s god was “money.” In a letter Marx wrote to Friedrich Engels on July 30, 1862, he wrote of “Jewish nigger Lassalle” ascribing this fellow socialist with crude racial stereotypes. It was these views that would fan out and infect later revolutionaries. In 1922 the Communist Party of South Africa protested as blacks undermining the pay of white mine workers. Che Guevara wrote how blacks were inferior to whites. In India, Marxist infection created a new upper caste from the very upper castes that these fashionable Anglophone revolutionaries denounced.

Red Brahmins

Members of the Brahmin caste are among the leading lights of Communist or left parties in India. The westernised educated elites under the British Raj did not just imbibe great works of English literature, but western philosophies as well. What better to appeal to those who wanted to civilise their backward country through social engineering? Marxism, communism and socialism. They accepted Marxism and put it into practice after Independence under what was named secularism. Now, since 1964, three out of five general secretaries of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) have been Brahmins.

The state committee of the CPI (M) in Kerala has a minimum Dalit representation. Most of the committee members are from upper castes. Mamta Banerjee is a Brahmin. Sitaram Yechury of CPM is a Brahmin and so are most of the top leaders of CPM.

Even Arundhati Roy has a Brahmin father. In the dispute over Kashmir it was Ambedkar who opposed the implementation of Article 370 when Brahmin-born Nehru was busy chopping up the territory. Non-Brahmin Ambedkar and non-Brahmin Sardar Patel got together to criticize Brahmin Nehru on his traitorous moves.

Arundhati Roy, the darling of the western left establishment signifies the Anglicised Indian bourgeoisie. She claims her Brahmin background is irrelevant because her parents were Christian. What this says is that Brahmins like Roy can erase their privilege simply through religious rebranding.

For deracinated Brahmins, centuries of inherited power and wealth are of little concern next to the religious dogma of Hindu supremacy. Christians born into aristocratic families can inherit the legacy of the Raj, fully exonerated from all that structural inequality just by taking baptism.

All sins of the pagan heathen idolator are washed off by the holy water of Jesus, Lord and saviour. Freed from the original sin of being born with a Brahmin name, the same name now means redemption and the right to preach from a sterilised neo-Brahmin pulpit. The reformed upper-caste bravery is rewarded with a place among the elites of the west as a stunning example of liberal achievement.

Pankaj Mishra denounces upper-caste Hindu dominance and Hindu supremacists. The self-hating Brahmins have special odium for the traditional Brahmins who performed ritual functions and relied on donations for their work; a far cry from the dominant western and Indian Anglophone elite myth of the powerful, rich priest exploiting the masses.

There is a precedent. Lenin allowed the Communist Party to set up the Yevsektsiya, a Jewish section which could reach out to the Yiddish-speaking Jews of the USSR. It was headed by Semyon Dimanstein, who had been ordained as a rabbi in Vilnius in 1903. Poverty led him to revolution, prison, exile and eventually in January 1918, he was appointed head of the Commissariat for Jewish National Affairs.

Later that same year, head of the Yevsektsiya, whose stated mission was the “destruction of traditional Jewish life, the Zionist movement, and Hebrew culture”. This led to the seizure of synagogues and the liquidation of Zionist organisations and autonomous Jewish religious life.

Dimanstein and many of the rest of this communist cell were themselves extinguished in Stalin’s purges. But the parallels with these neo-Brahmin elites of India’s dominant left are eerily familiar, not least in how Mishra simultaneously denounces western imperialism and non-existent Hindu supremacism in the same breath. He is a product of the former, while the latter is a creation of the very western imperialist he denounces.

Like so many deracinated individuals of Brahmin origin, he thinks his dystopian worldview is the only valid one.

While the Left political establishment is dominated by those of Brahmin origin, so is the political narrative which denigrated Hindu culture as being casteist and Brahmanist. The leading lights in this latest race war include Kancha Iliaih and Joseph D’Souza who use racist and anti-Semitic stereotypes that would find a home in both Marx’s writings and those of Hitler. The common denominator of both is their emergence from white eurocentric, Christian culture. Padma Lakshmi is the American equivalent.

The Modern Inquisition

While the crimes of the church are well known, few are aware of the havoc it continues to cause in India under the guise of charity and social justice. During the rule of the Portuguese in Goa, the Inquisition tortured and burned people for thinking the wrong ideas. Francis Xavier was canonised a saint for destroying Hindu shrines.

The dominant narrative on India is that while Christianity, Islam and Communism may have had their negatives, at least they taught equality; unlike the backward caste system run by oppressive Brahmins that is Hinduism.

Of course this does cover some very inconvenient truths, notably how Christianity and Islam had historically spread by coercion and force, and that Communism does have this nasty habit of causing starvation and genocide. However this is countered by the fact that Hindus were no better.

They persecuted Buddhists and Shankara drove them out of India. So let us look at this. Shankara won debates with Buddhists. That is called intellectual victory, not an Inquisition. Also, this persecution of Buddhists apparently dates from the third century BC when the Brahmin Pushyamitra Shunga killed his master Brihadratha, the last Mauryan king and then persecuted Buddhists. Of course, the problem with this is that most of the surviving Buddhist stupas and artefacts date from this very period of mythical persecution by Brahmins.

But the most telling myth-busting comes from modern India itself. The western press is fed propaganda non-stop by the Anglophone upper caste left elite on how Dalits and others are oppressed in India by the upper caste Hindu fascist BJP. Again this is hardly ever disputed when one does not have to exactly look far to find that the prime minister of India is from a backward caste, and the ex president is Dalit. Unlike the Brahmins of the communist and left parties, they actually grew up in poverty.

Mani Shankar Aiyar, prominent member of the Congress party, is of Brahmin background. He sparked a political firestorm in 2017 when he called Prime Minister Narendra Modi a “neech aadmi“, which Modi interpreted as nichli jaati (lower caste).

But the modern inquisition with its cancel and woke culture will not accept this. To them, it is thought crime and through western media outlets and academics, this is suppressed in their unholy alliance with India’s self-hating Brahmin elite.

Inculcating Self-Hate

Now back to this bizarre issue of leadership by Jews in fascist movements. During the war, the members of the Judenrat (Jewish councils) enforced Nazi policies in the ghettoes where Jews were herded, through use of a collaborationist Jewish police. Jewish-born Ans van Dijk betrayed fellow Dutch Jews to the Germans occupying the Netherlands.

Most notorious of all was Stella Goldschlag. Born into a Jewish family in Berlin she actively worked for the Gestapo to entrap members of her own community. Together with her husband, a Jewish musician called Manfred Kubler, she betrayed hundreds of Jews – many of whom she had known since childhood through the Jewish school she attended – and earned the nickname ‘blonde poison.’

Stella was said to be so enthusiastic with her role that she was promised 300 Reichsmark for every Jew she betrayed, and not even Gestapo officers could match her fervour. After the war she embraced Christianity and continued spewing antisemitism.

Frank Collin was born in Chicago to a Jewish father, yet from the 1960s was involved with and established various neo-Nazi organisations. His Jewish background was exposed by Nazi rival, Matt Koehl. In the 1980s, the Blood and Honour merchandising operation in Carnaby Street, London, was run by Des Clarke the drummer for white power band Skrewdriver, and his collaborator Andrew St John. The latter’s real name was Andrew Benjamin, and he was Jewish. Benjamin owned the shop Cutdown which sold hardcore Nazi, racist and antisemitic material.

A complex psychological condition of self-hate and yearning for acceptance can explain some of the above. Centuries of antisemitism which climaxed in the Holocaust created many aberrations. It is a bizarre form of Stockholm syndrome found in others. Brazil has the largest population of African descent outside of Africa itself. Lauded as a ‘racial democracy’ this myth known as Lusotropicalism was pushed by Brazilian intellectual and politician Gilberto Freyre who celebrated racial admixture.

The reality is very different. Brazil only abolished slavery in 1888. It was a barbaric cruel system full of rape, torture and low life expectancy which plagues the poorest (and darkest) in Brazil to this day. Despite the majority having some African blood, being black is a severe disadvantage. Racial democracy is just a convenient myth that hides very real racism and inequality.

The actress Nayara Justino, who won a television channel Globo’s contest to be named Carnival 2014’s Globeleza, or carnival queen. However, she was removed after hate posts on social media against her race. The irony was that this came from other blacks. But in Brazil the racial narrative creates a mythology where even blacks do not want to be seen as African but as some sort of ‘Aryan’ type.

Brazil’s history has been rewritten to cut out the essential contributions made by people of African descent. After slavery was abolished successive governments guided by then-mainstream racism and eugenics encouraged immigration by Europeans to ensure that Brazilian demographics would not be drowned in a demographic swamp of African ex-slaves. To this day the dominant faces in politics, media and influential positions are all white.

Again, parallels can be made with India where Bollywood enforces the fair skin type as the ideal, when the masses look nothing like this. The colour prejudice is enforced by that most noxious of myths.

This is the Aryan invasion theory, propagated initially by the British rulers, yet now the sacred cow in India’s self-alienated Brahmin-origin leftist elite. Not only does this bind India’s left to the racism of liberal western mouthpieces such as The Guardian and academics in prestigious institutions, but also to the Far Right with their beliefs that Aryans were the master race who created all civilisation in India, but became darker due to racial mixing.

Here is the irony. While India’s deracinated Brahmin elite would do much hand-wringing at the racial abuse faced by Nayara Justino, in their racial mythology they would actually have more in common with the online trolls who spewed racial abuse at her. In fact, with their belief in the Aryan race they would find common ground with the neo-Nazi skinhead gangs of Brazil which target people of African descent, while themselves hardly being of pure master race DNA.

But this Aryan myth of India is an essential component of self-alienated Brahmin narrative. To deny it invites being labelled as a Hindu fascist. Yet to affirm it means accepting Nazi race theory. So we have India’s Anglophone self-hating elite being supported in their claims of an Aryan race by western leftists who support Black Lives Matter and denounce all forms of racism, as well as the Ku Klux Klan, neo-Nazi outfits and White Power skinheads.

Hence we are getting closer to understanding why anti-Brahminism and Hinduphobia is propagated mostly by Indians of Brahmin origin. It is a means of acceptance. Just as slavery ending in Brazil did not end racism, so the end of the British Raj did not end colonial mentality.

The idea of a ruling elite was entrenched. Loyalty was to the ‘tribe’ which was just another caste grouping based on political party affiliation (not ideological loyalty), kinship, or links to mafia style groups. The nexus of crime and politics became the only means of social mobility for the oppressed masses, of all castes and communities. But rather than look at this it has suited the ruling elite, the intellectual elite, the media barons and their axis collaborators in the west to continue this myth of India being held back due to Brahminist caste oppression and regressive Hinduism. This is not incidental. Having a scapegoat hate figure has long been part of western narrative. As is this belief in a mythical race of Aryans.

Cultural Genocide

Communism and Nazism were held by FA Hayek to be alien to western values. But they arose in western civilisation, just extreme examples of colonialism and the social engineering that accompanied it. Genocide was embedded deep in the western psyche. What was inflicted on native populations in the Americas, Asia, Africa and Australia came back to haunt the west with Stalin and Hitler? Marx revamped the ideas of Hegel. These had roots in Christianity. Same with Hitler and his antisemitism.

The church always regarded the Jews as Christ-killers. The Holocaust was not some aberration but the logical outcome of centuries of hate. In this period we have figures such as Tomas de Torquemada who tortured and persecuted Jews in Spain, even suspecting those who had converted.

Yet this Dominican friar himself had a Jewish grandmother who had become Catholic. In the century before this monster of the Inquisition, there was Pablo Christiani. From a pious Jewish family in Barcelona, he became a Dominican friar and tried to compel other Jews to also embrace the Catholic faith.

Now of course since the Holocaust church leaders have been very keen to denounce the very antisemitism which saturates the New Testament. Similar moves have been afoot elsewhere with the very real racism towards blacks that found a scriptural basis for apartheid and racial segregation. But the need for the other, the diabolical enemy has not stopped. Instead, it has gained renewed focus. India.

In colonising the Americas and Australia, the British and their Anglophone offspring realised that the natives could only be forced from their pagan beliefs by being pushed into various schools and camps where English and Christianity would have to be pushed down their throats. The results are seen today with alcoholism and social dysfunction rife among Native Australians and Native Americans. But unlike these vast spaces, in India, there were just too many Hindus. It was realised very early on that the Brahmins would be the ones that needed to be dislocated. After that, it would be easier to wipe out Hindu civilisation.

Hence the push for the Aryan invasion myth, that Christianity was progressive and pagan Hindu heathens had inferior beliefs. This Stockholm Syndrome was evident in Ram Mohan Roy’s Brahmo Samaj, and even more so in Swami Dayananda’s Arya Samaj. The latter was heavily monotheistic, at complete odds with the very Hindu culture it was trying to save. In fact, it had more resemblance to the Protestant Reformation with its obsession with the chosen sacred book.

Ironically both Roy and Dayananda were Brahmins. The Protestant ethos of the Arya Samaj lent easily to the move towards Marxism and socialism. These became the surrogate offspring of Christianity, and as such were embraced by India’s Anglophone high caste elite which simultaneously denounced backward casteist Hinduism. In doing so they have done more damage than the colonialists such as Francis Xavier, Macauliffe and Max Muller combined. Making the masses hate their own ancestral ancient culture while at the same time keeping them downtrodden has been an incredible feat of social engineering.

Farewell Comrade Brahmin

Narendra Modi is often seen in the same category as right-wing populist leaders as Donald Trump or Jair Bolsanaro. Indeed he is said to be a force of new fascism against India’s democracy. But is this really the case?

Modi hails from the backward caste Ganchi community and grew up in poverty. The president of India is Droupadi Murmu. She was born to a  Santali family on 20 June 1958, in Uparbeda village.

The Santals are a minority community with Scheduled Tribe status. So here we had the two most powerful leaders in India accused of being Brahminist supremacists by largely Brahmin leaders on the champagne socialist, elite-educated left.

The former president Ram Nath Kovind is a Dalit from the Kohli caste and grew up in a mud hut. In reality, the Indian political system does not like outsiders. It is a mechanism designed to maximise the exploitation of the masses, and wealth extraction from the poorest while handing out crumbs in the form of caste quotas and Bollywood movies. Narasimha Rao faced the same opposition even as he made much-needed reforms.

What we have with Modi and President Murmu is the clearest example of a majority India asserting itself, not the sanitised version given to the docile western media by India’s Anglophone kleptocratic elite. These same western commentators see self-proclaimed Hindu leaders in the west acting in a cringe-worthy manner as they kow tow to politicians in order to beg acceptance. As with the system in India, it is a behaviour pattern that is

As with the system in India, it is a behaviour pattern that is hostile to outsiders and anyone who wants to break the impasse. It is also one kept alive by the well-off and upper castes, quite often Brahmins.

For decades the policies of Left-leaning governments have kept India backward. While there have been great strides in literacy and food production, nevertheless the country has not advanced in the manner of Asian tigers such as Singapore, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea which were also impoverished.

Blaming this failure on the caste system intrinsic to Hinduism or the right-wing fascist Brahmin elite is both absurd and inaccurate. Language of this nature is just a revamp of the antisemitism which is intrinsic to western civilisation and thought. As well as Jews, the Brahmins are now also the enemy to be fought. As the only large remaining body of pagans, the Hindus must be fought in a holy war against this heathen menace; just as the Inquisition murdered and tortured pagans it encountered in the Americas and Asia.

The Marxist and socialist ideas of the Brahmin-dominated Congress and communist parties are just a revamp of that holy mission against the pagan. Secularism and atheism have those same origins, and while they may be at war with the church in their homelands, in India their fight is one. Only in India will you find atheists and uncompromising fundamentalist Christians at one with pushing for secularism. And in this mix, you will find it dominated by Indians of Brahmin origin who suffer from cultural Stockholm Syndrome.

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