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Video : Hindus Protest To Free Hindu Woman Taken “Hostage” By London Council

Video : Hindus Protest To Free Hindu Woman Taken “Hostage” By London Council

Local Hindu Community Protests at Lynton House Over Neglect of Elderly Lady’s Needs

ILFORD, LONDON: Members of the Association Of Hindu Organisations rallied outside the council offices at Lynton House, Ilford, voicing their concerns over the treatment of an elderly Hindu lady, Dipti C, a resident of Redbridge, whose safeguarding issues have been allegedly mishandled by the local council. The protestors expressed severe concerns about her welfare, particularly emphasizing the neglect of her spiritual and cultural needs.

For the past six months, the council has restricted access to the lady, effectively isolating her from her community. This action has sparked outrage among community members, prompting them to demand immediate changes to how her case is being handled.

During the protest, community leaders met with the Director for Adult Social Services in Redbridge, to discuss the situation in detail. The community representatives highlighted the importance of cultural sensitivity and inclusivity, especially in the care of vulnerable adults.

“The lack of access to her has been deeply troubling,” said one of the protest organizers. “We are worried that her spiritual and cultural needs are not being met, which is crucial for her wellbeing.”

Adding to their efforts, the community has also initiated a petition demanding better oversight and care for the elderly lady, which has already gathered over 500 signatures, reflecting widespread support and concern among local residents.

The meeting with the director was a significant step for AOHO as it opened dialogue directly with a key decision-maker in social services. The protestors are hopeful that this will lead to a more transparent and considerate approach in handling the case.

The Association remains committed to ensuring their concerns are not just heard but acted upon, advocating for a system that respects and integrates the cultural and spiritual needs of every individual in its care.



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