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Video : Fake Caste Discrimination Laws Passed But Opposed By Hindus of all Castes

Video : Fake Caste Discrimination Laws Passed But Opposed By Hindus of all Castes

Ironically in a country that has the worst caste/class system in the world where the poor can’t even get free health care and are discriminated against daily are now preaching to Hindus with the help of Aunty Tomdass Kshama Sawant, the typical brown-faced doormat but a total coward to speak up against real discrimination of the religions with their one god, one book and who preach hate against others.  While on the other Namaste hand, we see India ruled under ‘heathen savage’ Modi a low caste in a country with free health care for the poor and everyone else.

The real failure is from the US Hindu side with their non-stop bragging about how they are on the top of society with CEOs, spelling bee champions, education and wealth which itself sounds elitist casteist. In reality, they have absolute ‘Hindu’ Zero influence in politics but come across as total cringe who you don’t want to be seen in public with unless you are wearing a Halloween mask . This is why their own kids rebel against them and will even more now with this fake caste discrimination law .

HAF are a good example of this Hindoo elite bragging with their Bharka Butt pics but are a totally failed Hindu org that allegedly gets around 1-2 million in donations a year but upto now hasn’t been able to stop the Hinduphobia against Hindus in the US  which has increased a millionfold under their watch for over 20 years. They recently lost an easy-winning case even when some of their members are lawyers.

COHNA seem to have the potential to do something but only time will tell.

But still Hindus from all castes especially Brahmins should use this law to show the discrimination they go through as the law works both ways, so we can see how this will turn into a major headache for Seattle City Council and their unflushed colonial toilet waste like these brown faced Indian coolies and gungadins wanting a pat on the back from white man sahib. Hindus now need to go on the streets and make noise everywhere as they did at the City Council townhall in Seattle.

On Tuesday, February 21, the Seattle City Council passed the resolution introduced by Council member Sawant establishing ‘caste’ as a protected category under the city’s non-discrimination policy, making Seattle the first city in the United States to do so. 


Richa Gautam @RichaGotham 
Explains the Fraud

Good To See Hindus Coming Out To Protest Against This Fake Law

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