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A Definition of Hinduphobia

A Definition of Hinduphobia

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Hinduphobia (or Anti-Hindu sentiment) is an irrational fear or hate of Hindus and Hinduism.

Hinduphobia is a form of violence largely perpetrated against the largest surviving group of indigenous peoples and their continuous culture.

Hinduphobia includes physical, emotional, psychological, economic and social abuse. It includes victim shaming, silencing and the overt denial of centuries of atrocities against Hindus that continue today. It includes smashing idols, destroying temples, forced conversion, murder, persecution, bride theft and ethnic cleansing.

It utilizes suggestion and innuendo, unfair characterization, strawman attacks, denigration, mocking the dress, language or customs, accents and in the media and academia, the distortion of traditional beliefs, practices or texts. Outright lying such as use of Hindu terror and smearing, portray Hindus and Hinduism in a negative light.

It includes cultural and ethnic genocide, epistemicide and the misappropriation of Hindu material and intangible cultural heritage

Hinduphobia is calling Hindus cow piss drinkers, pagans who are superstitious, backward, and worship weird Gods. Or dirty extremists who hate women, are oppressive, savage cannibals and rapists.

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