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Video : Prominent BJP Leader Calls For Hanging Of True Indology

Video : Prominent BJP Leader Calls For Hanging Of True Indology

The date hasn’t yet been announced for the execution of the mysterious True Indology and where it will take place. According to our local paan-wallah on the ground in India, rumors are spreading that the hanging may take outside the new Indian parliament house after PM Modis speech on Gandhi and the importance of Ahimsa-non violence but then no one really knows who true Indology is. Some say its someone in the US while others say its a group of people or its Kashmiri Hindu lady or who knows it may even be Bruce Wayne but regardless of who it is he or she or they do produce some very good historical info often backed with proof that the Indian government and the colonial education system we British left behind cant handle. The latest ruckus is over  BJP leader Devendra Fadnavis who says the following.

Information has been sought from Twitter to take action against the accused who wrote offensively about Krantijyoti Savitribai Phule. Letters have been written three times so far. Strict action will be taken against these accused in any case. If the opposition party is playing politics in such a matter, it should also be condemned. Savitribai Phule is not a subject of any politics. We are all proud of him. There can be no distinction between the ruling party and the opposition party. (Assembly Question and Answer. Dated 27 July 2023)

Of course, the Hindu Twitteratri went junglee mode.

With the Hindu response,

So as per Mr. Fadnavis personally True Indology ought to be hanged, but we have to follow the procedures and law. It is a damn shame that the BJP will go after True Indology for sharing screen shots from academic sources. One can disagree with the conclusions drawn by True Indology. But can anyone in their right mind say TI deserves to be hanged? Remember when Navjot Singh Sidhu said people should be hanged for beadbi in a speech in Punjab? How much people had outraged then? Why should we not outrage when a BJP leader says an average citizen ought to be hanged for criticising a historical figure? Should Periyarites be hanged for abusing all the members of the Brahmin community? Is this a democracy or an Islamic state? I get BJP wants dalit votes, but for that they’ll hang people?

Well like Sita Ram Goel had pointed out about the RSS/BJP decades ago that they are a total bunch of duffers so what to expect but then the Hindu side is also totally useless that in all this time they haven’t yet set up any professional think tanks or academia to come out with professional researched factual studies to expose the false narratives presently being taught as fact but think X formally known as Twitter is their academia.

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