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HinduphobicWood Better Known As Bollywood Goes Antisemitic

HinduphobicWood Better Known As Bollywood Goes Antisemitic

In February 2023 actor Prakash Raj called The Kashmir Files ‘one of the nonsense films’. He also criticised Vivek Agnihotri. Last year, Israeli filmmaker Nadav Lapid commented on The Kashmir Files calling it “vulgar” and “propaganda” during the 53rd International Film Festival of India’s closing ceremony. In March 2022, Time magazine even compared Kashmir Files with Nazi films like Jew Süss and Die Rothschilds.

 This was double ironic because the Kashmir Files actually exposed a genocide that Time magazine was keen to deny even took place.

On his part, Vivek Agnihotri claimed 5-8 Bollywood ‘Rajas’ were trying to sabotage his film. But of course, it was much larger. It was Western white media combined with self-hating brown Indian coolies of Bollywood linking arms with left-wing neo-racist whites in the West who are keen to push the Hinduphobic narrative.

Bollywood has long been known for this. Any small criticism is canceled out with allegations of Hindu extremism, the very same which was used to denigrate the Kashmir Files. However, this has come back to haunt the film industry as the movie studios have now engaged in that other favorite pastime of India’s Anglophone coolie elite and their white left-wing neo-racist comrades in Western nations, antisemitism.

The Israeli Embassy, Jewish Rights Group Criticise ‘Bawaal’ Maker for Trivialising Holocaust.  It stars popular actors Varun Dhawan and Janhvi Kapoor in the lead roles as a recently-married couple, travelling in Europe.  In the trailer, Jahnvi Kapoor’s character, Nisha, says to her husband Ajay, played by Varun Dhawan: “We’re all a little bit like Hitler, aren’t we?” “We’re not happy with what we have. And we want what others have.” In another scene in the film, she says: “Every relationship goes through their Auschwitz.”

 The film also includes a fantasy scene inside a gas chamber and uses Hitler and the Auschwitz death camp as metaphors. The Simon Wiesenthal Center says the film trivializes the “suffering and systematic murder of millions”. The film includes a fantasy scene inside a gas chamber and uses Nazi leader Adolf Hitler and the Auschwitz death camp as metaphors.

It is however interesting to see that when Hindu genocide is exposed it is called Nazism, fascism, and Hindu extremism. By giving succor to these elements within Bollywood the white left-wing racist elite of the Western nations have legitimised hate and thereby antisemitism.

Yet they are incapable of making the link as they scratch their heads and wonder how to link trivialisation of antisemitism and the Holocaust to the Hindu environment. Of course, it was this same Hindu environment in which Jews flourished without persecution for 2000 years; unlike western nations where they were subject to pogroms, lynching, expulsion, forcible conversion, and finally the Holocaust.

This is the same Hindu environment where General Jacob, the military genius of Jewish background liberated Bangladesh from the genocide being committed upon it by Pakistan (which was armed and backed by the USA).

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