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Angry Hindu ‘Right Wing’ Intellectual Kshatriya Disgusting Elitism

Angry Hindu ‘Right Wing’ Intellectual Kshatriya Disgusting Elitism

HHR came across this idiotic piece of boasting and helpless whining by Hindu ‘RW’ blog India Facts in relation to the California State University’s new caste discrimination policies.

Instead of figuring out how to smartly use the caste policies to the advantage of protecting Hindus and fighting the growing anti-Brahmin and anti-Hindu hatred, these losers are confirming exactly what the Hinduphobic activist groups are saying about them – that Hindus in America are rich, successful, arrogant casteist elite people who hate people who are less privileged than them.

Look at this disgusting, arrogant line here, where they say that Hinduphobia is being generated by “mediocrities in the humanities and social sciences who are envious of the success being earned by their science, engineering and business peers.”

No wonder even the children of these pathetic Elite Hindu crowd boasting about their science and engineering and business degrees turn against them once they go to college!

The same “mediocrities” in humanities and social sciences have achieved a lot more than these vainly boasting business and engineering leader crowd by getting them to bend and bow before the new HR rules.

Everybody knows that none of these Hindu whiners on social media will actually do anything to fight the system. They are just whiners who will wail and complain loudly in public about how inferior the humanities people who make less money than them and then quietly go back to the office the next Monday to obey all the absurd rules their employer will force on them.

The Hindu organizations and leaders are sounding more and more casteist every day. Foolish Hindus should realize that if they continue to blindly support them and give them money they will be left to sink without a trace.

Anyday now the RSS BJP in India which is turning up anti-Brahmin talk and building “Statue of Equality” trying to get Dalit-OBC votes will tell their American stooges like HAF and HSS to stop this little drama opposing American Dalit groups like Equality Labs and that will be the end of that.

And where are the Hindu American Dalits fighting the Hinduphobes? Why do only people with upper-caste names like Shukla and Dwivedi hog the stage when it comes to fighting Dalit activism? These guys are not serious at all.

This India Facts author says all these Hinduphobic campaigns are aimed at “thwarting the success of Hindus in the United States in fields ranging from the sciences and engineering to business and law and from leadership positions in multinational corporations to esteemed academic institutions.”

This is so slavishly servile it is pitiable. Because the top Indians working as CEOs in MNCs and as University Presidents and Deans are the same people agreeing to all these new Hinduphobic rules! When have you heard Sundar Picchai or any CEO speak out against these Hinduphobes? They won’t.

Instead of daydreaming that all their useless Twitter and social media ranting will magically make Hinduphobia go away, these ‘RW’ Hindu community leaders should do what all ethnic groups in America have done to take control of the narrative. They should walk the talk and fund professional researchers and activists who will fight and get anti-Hinduphobia laws done. Look at how ADL, CAIR, and even Equality Labs do it. They are professionally funded and run. They get things done.

Even now if these same Hindus were smart they would stop whining and opposing the caste laws saying this is caused by the envy of some multimillionaire Indian American CEOs who don’t even know that these loser Hindu RWs who whine all day on Twitter without real action even exist!  Instead, they would learn to work with ordinary Hindus who are not CEOs and Silicon Valley millionaires, to protect them from Hinduphobia.

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