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Canada : Hindu community, supporters protest company’s use of deity in logo alongside profanity

Canada : Hindu community, supporters protest company’s use of deity in logo alongside profanity

Dozens of people gathered at the Laxmi Narayan Temple in Surrey, B.C., on Saturday afternoon to protest what they describe as the offensive use of a Hindu deity in a B.C. company’s logo.

The protesters accuse the company, Big D–k Energy Coaching, of using inappropriate language underneath a photo of Lord Ganesha — a deity with an elephant head, known as the Hindu god of wealth, sciences, knowledge, wisdom and prosperity.

The protest was organized by the Vedic Hindu Cultural Society. Demonstrators, carrying signs, marched from the Laxmi Narayan Temple to the corner of King George Boulevard and 88 Avenue.

“You cannot use another community’s faith, and use it just to promote your business,” said Tarana M. Kaur, one of the organizers.


The company’s logo is pictured here with the name blurred as it contains profanity. (Anchor.FM)

The society’s president, Satish Kumar, said the community is asking the company’s owner to remove the image of Ganesha from the logo.

Kaur said several members of the South Asian community have reached out the owner, who has refused to remove the image of the deity.

Kaur also said they have started an online petition to remove the image from the logo, which has gathered more than 2,500 signatures so far.

Surrey Members of Parliament Randeep Sarai and Sukh Dhaliwal have shown support for the removal of the image from the logo, according to Kaur, but they’re hoping more politicians will publicly condemn the use of the deity’s image.

“We need someone to take action, we cannot bear this kind of disrespect,” she said.

Hindu community members have contacted the RCMP, but Kaur said police told them they couldn’t do anything about the matter.

The company’s website says it provides “coaching for relationship and passion management, ultimate business pro mentorship and master coaching and mentorship.”

CBC News phoned and emailed the business owner to request an interview.

No interview was granted, but a text message was sent from the number listed on the company’s website. The message said the owner has not made any remarks nor done anything to condone any form of hate speech or derogatory misuse of Ganesha.

Attempts made by CBC News to clarify whether the owner plans to continue using the image were unsuccessful.

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