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What is Abrahamic Supremacy ? Part 2 : The Neo Puritans of The Left And Right

What is Abrahamic Supremacy ? Part 2 : The Neo Puritans of The Left And Right

The church as an institution is dying but its theological imprint rooted in Abrahamic supremacy remains as cancel culture formerly known as witch hunting often used by both the left and right.

For the left, it is about hunting down anyone perceived as ‘fascist’. A homeless man of the wrong colour is guilty of ‘white privilege. A person of colour celebrating Diwali is guilty of being a Hindutva fascist and then they claim to be ‘woke’ which is an update of believing they are civilised like their racist forefathers believed they were when decimating those heathen savages. So there is nothing ‘woke’ or ‘progressive’ about left-wing Hinduphobes either.

For the right pro-EU remainers, immigrants, asylum seekers, unemployed, and minorities make easy scapegoats. Any mention of black and Asian soldiers fighting for the UK in the last 2 world wars or presently having a Gurkha Hindu battalion in the British Army protecting them is cancelled as inconvenient facts.
So there is often barely any difference. Racism, antisemitism, Hinduphobia thrives in both spheres or should I say across the spectrum. Indeed this simplistic bifurcation of left and right is becoming hard to use. it just does not fit any more.

The neo-puritanism of left and right-wing cancel culture ignores that the utopias they want are actually hell on earth. Antifa, the trade unions and the left idealise socialism and communism without asking why nobody went east over the Berlin Wall or tries desperately to get into China, North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela.

The extreme right idealise Russia as the ideal white fatherland; ignoring how centuries of Mongol rule left their biological as well as cultural imprint, and how Putin’s close ally Kadyrov has imposed sharia law in Chechenya. Just like the Pilgrim Fathers, People’s Temple and other similar millenarian movements these are all doomed to failure, rewriting the past, distorting the present, and thus undermining the future.

With all the present controversy around Oppenheimer, the Gita and nuclear bombs, it was President Harry Truman a Democrat ‘left wing’ but was also a devout baptist christian ‘right wing’  who attended church on Sundays, knew the bible well and prayed daily for God’s guidance , saying, “I ask only to be a good and faithful servant of my Lord and my people.” , referred to America as a “Christian nation” and declared that it “was established by men who believed in God. You will see that our Founding Fathers believed that God created this nation. And I believe it, too.’ Well, no wonder after seeing the nuclear tests he quotes,

‘We have discovered the most terrible bomb in the history of the world. It may be the fire destruction prophesied in the Euphrates Valley Era, after Noah and his fabulous Ark.’

And after some time he dropped atomic bombs on that heathen nation of Japan which proves there is no left-wing or right-wing but the same Abrahamic Supremacist mindset.


What is Abrahamic Supremacy ?

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