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The Hindoo Colonials Part 2 : A Model Minorty’s Self Delusion Of Grandeur

The Hindoo Colonials Part 2 : A Model Minorty’s Self Delusion Of Grandeur

The Coolie Emerges

One factor that united media outlets across the political spectrum since the attacks on Hindus in Leicester and then Smethwick was how they blamed the street jihad violence as a natural outcome of Hindutva, Hindu nationalism and Hindu fascism in the UK. Of course, none of these media giants could provide any proof and their claims against what happened, in reality, are almost as laughable as China trying to shift blame for the emergence of the Covid pandemic elsewhere.

Imbibing the Elite Mentality

In Charles Dickens’s Oliver Twist the orphans at the workhouse are under the charge of Mr. Bumble, a pompous individual who enjoys his status. In fact, that status is not even very high but it is enough to be above the riff-raff of paupers for whom he is responsible but shows scant compassion.

Now as Hindus are victimised by the media for being attacked they are also cast in the mode of Mr Bumble, pompous and arrogant. It is an image the Hindu self-appointed leadership do little to dispel. On the contrary, they revel in it.

Colonial rule created a class who would execute the orders of the master race. It was a system designed to benefit the rulers and not the ruled.

This was hardly unique. It was found in many countries at the time, including Britain, where democracy was only implemented gradually by a series of reform acts that extended voting rights to the masses, and then of course women in 1918.

When the British left India the colour at the top changed but the structure remained intact. As did the ruling class mentality. It is this which has been imported into the UK among self-appointed British Hindu leaders, not Hindutva or Hindu nationalism.

The reason why so many Indian-origin Marxist and champagne socialist type academics want to blame Hindutva is because they share with their erstwhile nemeses in Hindu organisations that same mentality. Like Mr. Bumble they are actually quite insignificant but like to lord it over anyone deemed less fortunate. We are faced with an unfortunate bunch of social misfits who outside their own bubbles would invite the same sort of repulsion as the sinister central character in Cable Guy.

Smiling Zombies

Based on Haitian folklore the zombie is a reanimated dead person under the control of a powerful spiritual master. In movies, the zombies are the flesh-eating plague that infects people with bites into becoming one of them. These entities are literally dying to meet you. It is something which politicians from Indian backgrounds have no doubt experienced.

As soon as anyone with an Indian-sounding name gets elected to parliament, the self-appointed lacklustre Hindu leadership swarm around them like zombies.

One may disagree with the policies of equally self-serving MPs, but under the circumstances one has to feel a degree of sympathy even for politicians having to go through the sheer living hell of needing to associate with a straggling band of desperados who have less relevance to modern Britain than the extinct woolly mammoth.

Claiming to be community leaders, and representing hundreds of temples, their eyes are not fixed on serving or helping the community. Instead their zombie like gaze is transfixed on becoming celebrities, the knighthood, having the photo opportunity with someone important, getting onto a quango, but above all the badge of official validation.

In the movie Remains of the Day, the butler Stevens believes he cannot be truly happy unless he his master and employer Lord Darlington is satisfied. Indeed he wastes his whole life away defending and working for a man who later becomes as shamed Nazi apologist. He knows no other life. Even in his old age when the lord of the manor is dead and the estate is bought by a wealthy American he cannot escape. A trapped pigeon set free at the end of the movie symbolises this most poignantly.

The bird can escape, Stevens cannot. Before this scene he is shown sitting with his former housekeeper Miss Kenton on the pier wondering what could have been. The worst thing about this is that in many ways it was self-inflicted and so avoidable.

Just as with these zombie Hindu groups. They seek a master to serve and elicit favours from. Only to be cast aside. However, unlike Stevens the butler they do not even have the mentality to introspect. Their internal mechanisms are prewired like the Stepford Wives.

Contrast with ‘Others’

Now one of the refrain heard from such types is that Hindus are very good people. Like the cartoon characters of Disney the wider British public have nothing to fear. These are good people who work, pay taxes, never claim benefits and do not riot. Good wholesome family friendly types like you would find on children’s television. Now paying taxes and working is hardly unique.

In fact it should be the default. Another boast is that Hindus are peaceful people. So do these zombie leader types think being violent on a daily basis is somehow the normal accepted behavior? They like to brag about how they are not victims even when they are.

So whatever sympathy exists for Hindus evaporates then the neutral objective observer is faced with this annoying mass of incoherent lack of larynx control.

The point here is that Hindus are well off, affluent, and professional. So worthy of respect. The flip side is that it looks down upon those that are not deemed to be in this category. Anyone outside the ‘tribe’ where group loyalty and conformity is sacrosanct.

A cursory look will see that many communities have contributed to Britain, brought skills and built professional networks. The Chinese, Nigerians and Jews for example. But the main contrast made is with Muslims in what can best be described as Muslimphobia.

So mirroring the victim mentality and identity politics created by the media (of all political backgrounds, but mostly left-wing racist neocolonialist anti-Hindu hate rags like the Guardian) Hindu leaders see themselves as an elite, while Muslims are poverty stricken, crime prone, benefit scroungers. Of course this is at odds with reality.

As a community Muslims in the UK cut across diverse fields. As well as living in deprived areas of Bradford, Oldham and Burnley, with their community tensions, racial segregation and religious apartheid exacerbated by decline of old heavy industries and lack of investment which has also devastated the white working-class, Muslims are well-represented among professionals, in building business, and as entrepreneurs. Instead of benefit scrounging one finds many taxi drivers of Pakistani origin with all their hard work and long unsociable hours this entails, as well as risk to personal safety.

Just one example of choosing to work hard to improve economic situation rather than rely on the state for handouts. Most Indian restaurants are run by Bangladeshis who came almost penniless to Britain and yet established what would become a very successful and lucrative part of the national culinary landscape.

The route out of poverty is hard. It explains the economic isolation and social dislocation suffered by Muslim communities across Britain. It also has had massive negative consequences for the white working class. Indeed such hardship will affect anyone caught in that trap. That includes Hindus.

This rosy image of Hindus being well off as the standard again flies in the face of reality. Demobilised Gurkhas from Nepal who had served with the British armed forces suffer from poverty, sometimes extreme.

Yet the Hindu leadership pointedly ignores them. In Leicester where the recent attacks on Hindus took place, it was not the Hindu leadership that faced violence.

It was those Hindus who work in factories, sweatshops and similar laboring jobs that once most immigrants did, but are now scene as beneath Hindus. Even the example Hindu leaders give of the Jews as a precedent is fraught with errors. Most Jews in Britain used to live in poverty, in the same East End slums of London that house more recent immigrants notably from Bangladesh. From the 1950s they became more affluent and moved out of areas such as Bethnal Green. However for decades these same Jewish communities had not just provided businessmen, but also working-class solidarity. It was here that the trade unions had strong roots.

It was here that Jewish residents has resisted the attacks by fascist Blackshirts of Oswald Mosely in the famous Battle of Cable Street in 1936. After the war working-class Jewish activists formed the 43 Group to resist revived fascism. We see nothing of the sort among the self-appointed zombie Hindu leaders who harp on about following the Jewish example. With the attacks in Leicester the self-appointed zombies were notable for the silence as much as their absence. It was as if the British Union of Fascists had marched straight through Jewish areas of the East End in 1936.


Another ‘proof’ put forward by the zombie Hindu leadership is that Hindus are well educated while these Islamic terrorists are just stupid illiterates who come from benefit scrounging poor families. While many of the Muslim communities in northern towns did come from Pakistan to work in the now devastated industries, and then after war devastated their country in 1971 Bangladeshis arrived, it is not among these communities that Islamic extremism first arose

It was with the educated. The very term Pakistan was coined in 1933 by Chaudhri Rahmat Ali, a student from India at Cambridge. Muhammad Ali Jinnah himself was an Anglophone lawyer. Many of the recruits for Hizbut Tahrir, Al-Muhajiroun and similar outfits were recruited from university campuses. Many of the leaders were similarly well-educated.

Therefore to blame lack of education for extremism is not going to cut it. Nor is the argument for poverty. That godfather of Islamic extremism, Usama bin Laden, came from an extremely rich Saudi clan which had business links to the oil barons of America, the Bush family. Yet he gave up that life of luxury to reside in a cave.

What then is the reason for Islamic extremism in the UK? It is ideology seeing oneself at perpetual war with the ‘enemy’, using violence and terrorism if necessary. Hence the cruel murder of David Amess MP in his surgery. In like manner what is the reason for zombie Hindu lack of leadership? Again ideology, one which sees itself in perpetual parasitic relationship with the establishment and its own ‘community’ as such as useful assets such as private equity firms picking apart a family business which has fallen upon hard times.

Rebels, Outlaws

Yet with all this why does the media and academics always side with Islamic extremism and invent the threat of Hindutva? Here there are various factors. The antisemitism and anti-pagan thinking that lies at the core of western civilization, which even after secularisation cannot shake off the ecclesiastical foundations which underpin it. Hence monotheist Islam is seen as a kindred spirit against the unfathomable polytheists and money graspers wearing yarmulkes. Added to that the rebel in society, the outlaw is seen as ‘cool’.

Zombie Hindu leaders prefer to isolate themselves in leafy suburbs, gated communities and long drawn out events in parliament. They like to boast about how their children are champions at Spelling Bee. In the USA they like to boast about how they are the model minority.

If this is the model community it does not provide much hope because their impact on the political arena is less than fringe militia and neo-Confederate secessionists. The fact is that is in the UK, Hindus are the target minority. Again, unlike the Jews they so admire, they rarely fight back or if they do they end up being blamed due to their ineptitude of their own zombie leadership.

Islamic groups by contrast are active on the streets. This includes charity work, dawah, and community engagement. The nearest thing Hindus have to this is ISKCON, which is why they latch onto them. Added to this and Islamic extremism as its own cool image, helped by the very western music its preachers often denounce. Yet as Thaddeus Russell wrote in his ‘Rebel History of America’, it is the outlaws, rebels, those on social margins who make a society freer and more dynamic. In his fascinating study he finds the incredible imprint on American culture by slaves, prostitutes, the mafia, drag queens, gays and a host of others. Think of the eternal image of James Dean, an icon now long after his death and even though he made very few movies.

The image of the Wild One biker Marlon Brando, the Hells Angel, Cripps and Bloods gang, Bonnie and Clyde. While zombie Hindu leaders and organisations have tried to portray themselves as loyal colonial subjects, the Islamic extremist have successfully harnessed the rebel image. It is something which the zombie Hindu leaders detest and do not understand. Yet in doing so they also fail to realise the massive psychological gap they have with the mass of Hindus and Hindu issues. Like Mr. Bumble their experience will be one of an abusive marriage and being incarcerated in the workhouse where they will beg for handouts from the state like Oliver Twist.

Like the inmates of the orphanage and workhouse the children of these zombie leaders will escape at the earliest opportunity. Under the circumstances nobody can blame them for becoming anti-Hindu or culturally alienated. Want social change? Join left-wing antiracist groups, right-wing Brexit think tanks, or the socially relevant community work undertaken by Christian, Islamic and other organisations. The zombie Hindu organisations simply cannot compete.

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