Thursday 29th February 2024,
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Video : Before Gandhi Garba There Was Sword Garba

It seems long before Dandiya- Stick Garba and its later offshoots like Michael Jackson Moon Walk Garba or Disco Garba or Bollywood Garba the traditional dance goes back to Talwar-Sword Garba. This makes more sense as the Goddess herself is armed with swords and among the ancient ‘Pagans’ it’s the Hindus who produced some of the greatest women warriors who led armies against the Abrahamic supremacists. Rajputs may have retained the tradition but it was most probably originally widespread across all Hindu clans as weapons are worshipped by Hindus.

But then later turned into just Dandiya- Stick Garba only thanks to Hindus themselves continuing to disarm Hinduism and replacing it with Gandhi pseudo-Hinduism in the hope to get a Noble Peacefool Prize. This is why they can gather in their millions for Hindu festivals for the Goddess but when she is degraded or her temples are smashed we don’t even see one Hindu protesting or taking action.

Don’t forget it’s Goddess Bhavani who turns up with a sword to give to Shivaji. So the Goddess in the current war against Hinduism would be more pleased if Hindus took action than just dancing alone for her.

Both Garba and Dandiya are forms of folk dance originating from Gujarat which are traditionally performed during the nine days of Navratri. In Saurashtra, the traditional Garba is played in a unique way – with swords. Interestingly, only women participate in this Garba form which is known as the ‘Talvar Ras’ or ‘Talvar Garba.

Hindu warrior group of Rajput came together as they wielded swords to perform a dance of valor dedicated to Goddess Durga during a weapons worship ceremony, in India’s western Gujarat state.

Women in colourful traditional dresses and carrying swords moved gracefully in coordination as they performed “Talwar Raas” (sword dance), under the flagship of the former royal family of Rajkot.

The art of the sword dance dates to the Mughal era when Rajput women welcomed their men after they returned victorious from a battle.



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