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Rahul Roushan : The Hindu Cause Is Not ‘Right Wing’

Rahul Roushan : The Hindu Cause Is Not ‘Right Wing’

Audrey Trukshe is part of a far-right Christian fundamentalist network and knows that call Hindus ‘Right-Wing’ and she gets a platform to spread her Hinduphobic propaganda but worse, with the help of confused Hindus themselves who claim they are RWs openly because they have no understanding what ‘Right Wing’ really means globally.

This attempt to categorise all views as left Liberals or Right-Wing does not work anymore. Just because the Hindus get attacks from the Left does not mean they should immediately identify as rightwing. Indeed when it comes to Hindus the Right also uses language that is the same or similar to the Left.

But even in the western political narrative, these terms do not hold sway as much because they have become outdated and unsuitable to modern society. They belong to a bygone age  If you identify as Right, then you immediately cut off important support from those who would identify as Left or not identify with any strand of thought at all.

With the success of The Kashmir Files, Rahul in his tweet displays a good example of how most Hindus have a habit to snatch defeat from the Jaws of victory. Here he’s actually helped the Hinduphobes by bringing the Hindu cause down to a Left Liberal Vs Right Wing Euro class battle.

First of all, within India’s context, there are no ‘liberals’ ‘Left-Wing or secularists in India but Hinduphobic colonial slaves who collaborate with Western and Abrahamic religious supremacists while the Hindu side is not RW – Right Wing but indigenous native Hindus and those non-Indians who have converted to Hinduism to become Hindus.

Now If Rahul had said,

Till 3-4 years, the Hinduphobic fascists would taunt the indigenous native Hindus with ‘if you don’t like a book/movie, go write/make your own instead of crying’ Folks went ahead and did both, and now see what happened.’

More people globally would then understand Hindu suffering and would even watch the movie supporting Hindus, but soon as you add in RW, then you start losing the narrative battle but help the Hinduphobic racists and their army of brown-faced Gungadins to claim they are fighting some imaginary ‘Hindu right fascism’ 

So with tweets like this, the enemy is laughing because globally they can fool people that this movie is just RW propaganda endorsed by Hindus themselves so its fake.

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