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Intellectual Kshatriya Generals Proving Racist Churchill Right

Intellectual Kshatriya Generals Proving Racist Churchill Right


While David Frawley ( Vamadev Shastri) asks, “why is the western media so anti-Hindu and doesn’t allow the Hindu side of the story?” Rajiv Malhotra with a thundering reply says ‘read my books for the answers’.

But the fact is, one doesn’t have to read any book or a million books when the answer is so obvious.

As that racist Churchill had once said ‘While the Hindu elaborates his argument, the Moslem sharpens his sword.’  we see confirmed here by the Hindu intellectual Kshatriya’s experts.

Everything with these Hindu experts comes down to is read my damn book. So basically this is the scenario >

Confused Hindu: ‘Why is our house on fire and what to do about it ? ‘

Hindu intellectual Kshatriya Expert:  Read my damn book !

Meanwhile, the house is burnt down with a confused Hindu reading a damn book ..

It’s so obvious what the answer is that David Frawley or Rajiv Malhotra with their thousands of books ( which are good ) still can’t seem to work out.

What did the farmer protesters do or the Anti CAA protesters do to achieve their goals?

Did they all write books within the safety of their houses while twitter arguing? nope, the answer is what Krishna makes clear to Arjuna and that’s to take action by going into the battle on the ground which means that unless Hindus take action either by themselves or in their millions today then their days are numbered in India. The show is all over and Modi ain’t going to save them..

At least we do give credit to the mullahs as they are open about their plans to what they are planning to do to ‘kafir’ India and are acting on it while most Hindu gurus are still preaching some made-up garbage by distorting Hindu teachings down to not getting involved in politics or to save Hindus or Hinduism because as its all earth attachment Maya so focus on your moksha to escape this world.

These millions of Hindu temples that don’t even raise the persecution of Hindus but are on the list to be demolished by right-wing Islamists in the near future as Islamo-fascists are more organised now than they were pre-partition, while these Hindus are more disorganised now than they were even then, though there were Hindus like Gopal Chandra Mukhopadhyay and others around who saved so many Hindus then. 

Nothing to do with the Hindu disunity myth either which these Hindus repeat like a mantra but it’s down to having no courage.

You think that by now even after all these events these billion Hindus would have learned from history with a Gopal Chandra Mukhopadhyay on every street corner by now along with training at local Hanuman Akaras, or gyms or martial art clubs on a mass scale.

But no but instead all we’re seeing with the Hindu beheadings and other killings of Hindus just in the last few months is read my book or read my article or read my tweets proving that racist Churchill is right at least for now..

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