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Video : “Cowardice Is Not Dharma” – Dr. Sonal Mansingh

Video : “Cowardice Is Not Dharma” – Dr. Sonal Mansingh

The Famous Indian classical dancer Dr. Sonal Mansingh says it bluntly to Hindu ears that Sri Krishna ji & Chanakya have both told us that cowardice is a danger to humanity. This is totally true and something Hindus need to get into their minds rather than letting themselves be trampled on 24/7 wherever they are under the false impression that Hinduism is all about Om Shanti Om but forgetting it’s also about Om Kranti Om.

And the fact is Hinduism does encourage Dharam Yudh- A Dharmic religious war and there’s no need to be apologetic about it. Yes, the context of this war is not to enslave and force the world under a dictatorial entity and ideology but to defend righteousness and freedom for all mankind, the animal kingdom, and Mother Earth.

 Alexander the Great’s failed attempt to conquer India followed by the greatest resistance of indigenous people anywhere in the world against Abrahamic supremacy to conquer India ended with the Mughal empire destroyed by Indigenous Maharata Hindus in the 18th century shows that there is a side of Hinduism if triggered will cause mayhem, especially for Western Hinduphobic racist propagandists hiding behind media and academia encouraging non stop extreme hate against Hindus .

So roll up your sleeves & learn to fight for satya & dharma: timeless wisdom from Indian dance legend, Dr. Sonal Mansingh |


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