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The Guardian’s White Man’s Burden Increased By Hindu Thuggees

The Guardian’s White Man’s Burden Increased By Hindu Thuggees

Katharine Viner the blond blue-eyed ‘Aryan’ race editor of the Guardian who would even make Hitler and his Nazis proud continues with another totally ridiculous Hinduphobic article titled in the Queens ooops the Kings English ‘The Guardian view on India’s G20 summit: a backsliding democracy gets to play host’

You know the white man’s colonial free gift of Democracy to India’s heathen Hindu savages is now in danger has added more to his or her or whatever pronouns burden.

The problem with these privileged racist whites from elite backgrounds is that they still think it’s their divine duty to civilize the pagan savage. That is what really lies deep down in the subconscious of many of these whites on the left. 

They honestly believe if they don’t use racist slurs like darkie thuggee, turban head, or brown-faced heathen, or smelly curry eater but instead use Hindu nationalists or right-wing Hindus, or Hindu fascists it makes them immune from their forefathers’ ancestral racist hate. Far from it because all they have done is put the same colonial racist narrative through a politically correct filter.

In this Western imperialist window, the world is divided between the left and the right . So the left are even more enlightened than the 7 Rishis, Ved Vyasa, Buddha and Adi Shankara put together while the right are the Freddy Krugers and Ravaans of the world . And the right wing thinks vice versa .

But suddenly both unite as white around toilets to talk the same S**t on India’s thuggee rocket landing on the moon.

For us who are also British and have dealt with racism just have to chuck a brick through this window to recognize the same racist mannerisms and writing, the narrative constructs they use to push their extreme Hinduphobia under the bubble of also acting they are anti-racists, standing against white supremacy, standing up for indigenous rights blah blah blah and blabber.  But suddenly do a U-turn when it comes to Hindus and India. Hypocrisy is a typical white supremacist trait that these lot all suffer from.

When we confronted The Guardian over its slave trade dealings, we were told, everyone did it so what ?. But then karma caught up and they ended up in controversy, so suddenly apologized and gave £10m , with millions dedicated specifically to descendant communities linked to the Guardian’s 19th-century founders. But of course they still keep the majority of the loot.

This is why they never engage with the Hindu community because only for now and we repeat only for now they can get away with their racism.

1. @KathViner once again your muck raking journalist paper founded on the profits of slavery engages in disgusting #Hinduphobia . Everyone knows that the  @guardian is the stormtrooper of neo-racism by the left-wing white elite who retain colonialist hate for Hindus.

2. Modi was elected in a free and fair election. He is nothing like the ‘strongmen’ Putin and Xi. Are you so stupid that you cannot even differentiate a democratic country with free elections from a communist dictatorship which has none? or a conservative authoritarian state?

3. India is nothing like Russia as you claim. Where is the Navalny of India? Boris Nemstov? The soft power of RT news? The assassinations? The Indian version of the war on Ukraine? Are we living on Airstrip 21 of Orwell’s 1984 with this propaganda?

4. And just because the left is infected with racism and hate for Hindus, it does not mean supporting the ‘right’. We need to get out of this binary mentality. Like this neonazi who thinks “Indians” are the enemy and are taking over UK

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Also, you see them in bed with ultra-right-wing Islamists because they do carry the same prejudices rooted in Abrahamic supremacy against the heathen, kafir pagan savage which is why the Guardian always uses their talking points.  The Scott Trust owns the Guardian and interesting to see what type of names suddenly appear on their board.


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