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‘White’ Liberals Crying Over The Trampling And Banning Of Pride Flags By Muslims

‘White’ Liberals Crying Over The Trampling And Banning Of Pride Flags By Muslims

The Guardian a few weeks back reports ‘A sense of betrayal’: liberal dismay as Muslim-led US city bans Pride flag. Many liberals celebrated when Hamtramck, Michigan, elected a Muslim-majority council in 2015 but a vote to exclude LGBTQ+ flags from city property has soured relations.

It should actually be “A sense of betrayal’: ‘White’ liberal dismay as Muslim-led US city bans Pride flag” because in reality, that’s what it’s all about: ‘Look at me I’m WHITE’ .

And what betrayal are they referring to when most Muslims are openly critical of LGBTQ+ as dictated by their religious beliefs? They haven’t signed a contract with these whites to take orders.

This is why they are standing together with Christians at other events like in Canada stamping on pride flags as the root of the two beliefs are basically the same.

And even yesterday it’s reported the all-Muslim city council of Hamtramck, Michigan has fired city staffers of the town’s Human Relations Commission after they flew a Pride flag on public property, in violation of a recently passed resolution banning the practice.

But like most Muslims, we Hindus also know that everything with the ‘liberal’ left’ progressive’ or whatever other effen labels they use to sound elevated revolves all around their ‘Whiteness’ so they will spend day and night rightly or even wrongly calling out other whites as racists even though the selected brown people they are often defending might be ultra right-wing fascists which they always ignore. 

Remember according to these liberal whites’ Ilhan Omar or Rashida Tlaib who are blatant far-right Islamists are now progressives and who both know these hypocritical leftists will  ‘ whitewash’ their views against Jews and Hindus. 

This how mentally sick and narcissistic many of these ‘left-leaning, liberal progressive’ whites are, and then they want to put their white man’s guilt supremacy burden on the rest of the world targeting Hindus as they outsource their white guilt by being hinduphobic racists.

This is why you often see them bashing that clown Trump trying to prove to the world they are fighting ‘white supremacy when it’s all really about LOOK AT ME I AM ‘WHITE so give me an award please !

They behave like a person who stinks like hell, who has never had a bath, and who sh**s in his pants but suddenly discovers Chanel N°5 Parfum which he sprays on himself and then goes whitesplaining on how he’s an expert on hygiene and cleanliness. But all it takes is one sniff and the Hinduphobic racist stench reappears where even a skunk would faint because they still haven’t fully got over their racism.

Once we were at an anti-Jewish protest outside Marks and Spencer by some left-wing group and Muslims because the company had links with Israel. We heard some Islamists in the crowd saying that Hitler didn’t do a good job as he didn’t kill enough Jews.

Instead of criticizing them, these left-wing ‘white’ socialists started laughing and agreeing with them which is why we are not surprised seeing white privileged wealthy Jeremy Corbyn caught out with his antisemitism and racist Hinduphobia because it’s all rooted in the hate of their racist religious forefathers of hating the Jews and the pagan which happens to be the Hindus.

They use the Israel/Palestinian conflict or imaginary Hindu nationalism as a cover to spew their ancestral hate and nothing else. This same Corbyn goes on about being a vegetarian and animal rights but often greets Muslims on Bakra Eid when millions of animals are slowly killed with their throats slit to be bled to death. And this wanker is meant to be an expert on  Fuhrer Adolf Modi and Hindoo RSS baggy colonial shorts.  Along with his hinduphobic anti-vax conspiracist brother he needs to be chucked in a mental asylum.

Even the Guardian’s own founders were involved in the slave trade, backed confederates, and even the industrialists who exploited the working class .

When Ranbir cornered one of their employees we caught on video questioning their slavery record, he replied well everyone did itA year later they get called out by a black producer and suddenly they do the usual fake apology virtue signalling.  

This is why they hide behind claims of fighting racism but suddenly do a U-turn when it comes to Hindus because they are like a drug addict or an alcoholic who knows drugs and drinking are bad and will even warn people against these habits but still secretly will have a heavy urge for a drink or a snort which is why where they can still get away with their racism, you often see them as the lynch mob leading their Hinduphobic racism.

But if you oppose them then they start their usual extreme racist hate by using whitesplaining politically correct terms like ‘Hindu nationalist’, ‘Hindu supremacist’, and Hindu far right and there is no such thing as ‘Hinduphobia like recently published in the left-leaning liberal New York Times which incidentally had backed the invasion of Iraq.

So basically Hindus one of the last remaining dark-skinned indigenous people have never ever faced any discrimination in history according to the present Western media even though ‘Hinduphobia‘ was already in use in the British media ironically during British colonial times .

Forget the Churchill-loving right but it’s the left who are more desperate to deny its existence because once it’s recognized they are the ones going to be exposed as the real extreme white supremacists hiding in a different bottle.

Of course, we are not going to generalize all white people because they themselves are victims of this ‘white’ middle-class liberal/lefty/progressive elite educated from the most prestigious schools and universities living in the most wealthiest regions of the West.

And they love their brown-faced coolie Gungadin self-hating fascist Hinduphobes who if told to eat white man’s s*it will do so proudly while bashing Indian food as being Hindu supremacy.

Anyone knows Western imperialists had local collaborators among Native Americans, Africans, and Indians under colonialism and expansion so the Hinduphobic Indians they promote in the media, academia, or political establishment are equivalent to the Indian tax man sent by the colonials to tax starving Indians.

While the ultra-right racist lunatics believe in the myth of a blond blue-eyed Aryan race fantasy , you have the left academics still teaching the Aryan race theories with the invasion of India. So you see how the left polish and academically keep this KKK masturbation fantasy still alive even though so much evidence is against it .But presently they are using it from the backdoor over these caste laws in the US where ‘dalit’s and Dravidians are victims of Brahmin supremacy who are ‘Aryans’ from 0uterspace. This is a clever way to keep their white supremacy fantasy alive by putting a brown face on it.

Hypocrisy is itself a trait of white supremacy which is why even in American history where they would make the indigenous natives sign peace treaties but the government itself will violate and break them to start attacking and killing the natives.

This same white hypocrisy we see in reaction to brown women fighting for their rights in Iran against the mullah regime and many are getting killed for it.  You would naturally expect all feminists in solidarity with these persecuted women but apart from some most white feminists are still in hiding and even calling some of the brown women right-wing islamophobes.

This why Yasmin Mohammed a real feminist often calls out these White Feminists/liberals as total racists especially when they’re often in solidarity with Islamists where comically they end up wearing the hijab because everything revolves around ‘look at me I am WHITE and in defending brown people

The United States is rooted in Christianity which is why the left and right are just two churches always fighting each other. The Right thinks it’s their white man’s burden to civilize the savages while the Left thinks it’s their secular white man’s guilt burden to civilize the savages which is why they often unite with brown-faced Islamists when it comes to the most pagan, heathen savages of them all known as Hindus the largest surviving indigenous people on the planet who are a threat to the One God and Ronald Mcdonald.

They are opening a major conflict with Hindus from all races and will have more to cry about than just Islamists stamping On The Pride Flags in the future.


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